Joseph Arthur
Oct 17, 2023

Google firms-up cookie phase-out timeline: 1% of Chrome users to go cookieless in Q1 2024

The initial phase-out in early next year means the time is now to prepare for the death of the cookie, as all website owners will soon meet an increased portion of Chrome users with third-party cookies disabled and be forced to respond.

Google firms-up cookie phase-out timeline: 1% of Chrome users to go cookieless in Q1 2024

Google has announced it will begin to phase-out third-party cookies in Q1 2024, starting with Chrome disabling third-party cookies for 1% of users to facilitate testing before ramping up to 100% of users by the middle of Q3 2024.

In a blog post, Rowan Merewood, developer relations for Privacy Sandbox at Google, said the purpose of the staggered phaseout is to “reduce cross-site tracking while still enabling the functionality that keeps online content and services freely accessible by everyone”.

He added: “Deprecating and removing third-party cookies encapsulates the challenge, as they enable critical functionality across sign-in, fraud protection, advertising, and generally the ability to embed rich, third-party content in your sites—but at the same time they're also the key enablers of cross-site tracking.”

Organisations should view the initial stages of the phaseout in early next year as an opportunity to test their capabilities for handling the loss of third-party cookies.

The firming up of Google’s depreciation timeline comes on the heels of it releasing a range of APIs, intended to provide a “privacy-focused alternative to today’s status quo for use cases like identity, advertising, and fraud detection.”

This announcement is the first to provide a firm timeline for advertisers and publishers to take note of. It means that all website owners will face cookieless users in 2024, regardless of whether they opted-in to Google’s tests at the end of this year, and be forced to respond.

More so than ever, it’s time to put a plan in place for the death of the cookie, because it appears Google is done extending deadlines.

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