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Nov 5, 2015

Fighting talk: STB wants new global creative agency to be a ‘brave sparring partner’

The ongoing Singapore Tourism Board (STB) global tender might be the biggest the city-state has seen all year—and will likely be so for the next couple of years too—but the organization has insisted it will only hire a partner that is brave enough to stand its ground and challenge the status quo.

Visitor numbers to Singapore dipped in the first half of 2015
Visitor numbers to Singapore dipped in the first half of 2015

Comwerks, DDB, Ogilvy & Mather and TBWA are currently in the running for the combined creative, digital and production deal—MEC has already had its media contract extended—and STB assistant chief executive of the Marketing Group Lynette Pang conceded it was not an easy pitch.

Speaking exclusively to Campaign Asia-Pacific, she said: “I don’t think it is easy. Marketing a country is different to marketing a chocolate brand, an ice cream or a car."

The only way the STB can make a "quantum leap" is to have partners who can challenge its paradigm, she added.

“To be bold, sometimes you need to take a stand and maybe spar with your client a bit more. So we are really looking for someone to challenge us.”

While the pitch is tough, so is the reality that will face the winner.

While visitor numbers soared by 70 percent and receipts by 112 percent from 2005 thorugh 2014, the past 18 months have proved tricky.

For the first half of 2015, international visitor numbers dipped by 3 percent to 7.3 million, with tourism receipts declining by 12 percent to S$10.5 billion. It is, however starting to see greenshoots of growth from key markets such as China and India.

These contributed to a 1 percent growth in leisure visitors in the six months to July, but business, meetings, conferences and exhibition numbers took a 12 percent hit.

But as Pang points out, the two have to be viewed hand in hand, with leisure options having a major impact on where organizations stage conferences and exhibitions.

Lynette Pang

In recent years STB—a statutory body under the Ministry of Trade and Industry—and its current partners JWT and Mirum (who declined to bid again for the business) have focused on a number of country-specific tourism campaigns in key markets, instead of pushing out one singular message.

It’s a strategy Pang said is likely to continue.

“We embarked on a shift to be more customer-centric with the 'Your Singapore' brand," she said. "We wanted it to be relevant to people in their own markets. I think it is important we do marketing that is clear about the brand, but it also has to be aware of the local needs, and these can vary quite widely from market to market."

Pang understands the brief for marketing a country is challenging. “How do you tell a singular story and yet maintain the richness and diversity of this place?" she asked. "Singapore is an extremely complex destination…and a juxtaposition of many things. I think to only go in one direction is not going to do it credit.”

The first task for STB and its new creative partner will be to devise a broad strategy around its  “marketing vision” to be “agile, bold and creative”.

Needless to say, all three are easier said than done.

Rapidly changing customer needs and adapting to travelers making snap decisions means STB and its marketing have to be as fast as the consumer.

However, so far it has little experience in real-time marketing and quick responses could well be hampered by approval processes and the need to assess the impact of instant campaigns on local sensitivities.

Likewise, as Pang acknowledged, being “bold is tough”.

“We define this has veering away from convention,” she said. “If you look at travel marketing there is a certain way of doing it and sometimes it is indistinct. The challenge to us as a team is how to we break the category norms?

“Creative is not about being creative for the sake of it, it has to fulfill business objectives. Moving ahead we want to make sure we have work that can creative an emotional connection with the audience. And we don’t only want to be creative through the content, but also the delivery of it.”

One key message that is likely to be weaved into all campaigns is the notion that Singapore provides good value for money—not an easy feat when many of its neighbours are less expensive destinations. It is also likely to give greater focus to “groundswell” community projects which showcase “hidden Singapore”, alongside the showpiece attractions.

“So our focus is to tell people we are great value for money with high-quality experiences,” she added.

While Pang is clear about what she wants STB to achieve through its advertising, she is more cagey when it comes to assessing where it stands today in terms of its marketing performance.

When asked how much of a step-change was needed for STB to meet its marketing aspirations, she said: “It is going to be tough for me to give you a simple answer on a scale from one to 10, so we are not going to go there. That is a bit too simplistic. This is a destination that is constantly evolving. We never rest on our laurels. We always want to be better.”

These three factors will, however, be the yardstick by which by the four prospective partners will be judged.

“Being agile, bold and creative is the yardstick by which we will pick a partner who can help us be faster and who can challenge us to be bolder,” she added.

“When we were looking to put this tender together we observed that the old world of creative agencies, and digital agencies and then production companies had changed," she said. "We don’t think that can work for us. That is why this is an integrated tender. We are not looking at digital as a channel. Digital is just one of the means to help us achieve our larger goals.”

A decision on the review is due in early 2016—and then the real work will begin.


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