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Dec 22, 2020

Farewell to 2020: A Campaign limerick

As Campaign Asia-Pacific takes a break from daily coverage until January 4th, we leave you with a goodbye limerick.


What a year it’s been. With the pandemic throwing the industry off at the start of the year, we can safely say that we’ve come out stronger and more prepared for the uncertainties of 2021. 

On Campaign’s last working day of the year, we want to take this chance to thank all our readers and supporters. It’s been a privilege to be able to report (from home) for all of you, and we look forward to doing it all over again come January 2021. Happy holidays!

And as per Campaign’s Christmas tradition, we’ve also written a limerick for your enjoyment.

‘Twas the last day at Campaign
The Christmas tree in the office
Is dusty and forlorn

But the home office is abuzz
With the guffaw of toddlers
And the sparkle of tinsel

We look back into the year
The one that was not like the others
And we’re glad to have weathered
The lash of the pandemic

To light up or to go dark?
That was the question
That frazzled brands
As the virus spread
Faster than you can say ‘pivot’

One snack brand
Decked the halls with BS
And landed on the naughty list
It should have known
That ‘Santa-ing’ is less delusional
Than ‘humaning’

Alas, nothing will rhyme with Denstumcgarrybowen
So we shall leave Ms Merlee alone
To groom her pup’s mane at home

People took to the streets
To fight injustice
But not a squeak
From the beaks in Asia

A deep-fried Group M made a plight
To scorch our sight
With an unholy vision
Of white meat gushing like Daddy's tears
When he caught Mummy kissing Santa

One man in WP-Pee
Only needed a wee
And was taken aback
On the matter that came to be

So we’ll wrap 2020
With plenty of string
And we can only hope
Whatever’s in the package
Won't spring back out again


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