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Apr 16, 2021

Watch this blowhard berate others for their lack of eco-consciousness

An organic-food retailer in France gives us an amusing satiric take on those who criticise others more than they take action themselves.

Straight from France, please enjoy 'Man vs Otter', in which an environmentally concerned fellow treks through the wilderness berating others for their actions. The ad is for a French organic-food retailer called Greenweez, and the agency is Rosapark.

The derisive fellow is played by comic Nicolas Méryeux, and those whom he berates are played by a cast of noble and attractive woodland creatures, including a distant cousin of Ad Nut.

(Indeed, Ad Nut is delighted to report that this is the second time this week that Ad Nut has found a new ad to enshrine in Ad Nut's Advertising Hall of Fame, following this one: "Unilever snack brand names talking squirrel as 'CEO'". It's a banner week for squirrel representation in advertising! Ad Nut hopes this is a harbinger of a golden age for Ad Nut's kin in the acting profession*.)

It's also a pretty great ad. We've all encountered the type of blowhard portrayed here, and substituting animals in place of the humans such a prat would normally be chastising accentuates the hypocrisy of demanding action without taking action. Then the brand is presented as one potential action you can take. Nifty—even if Ad Nut has doubts about the extent to which buying organic food really helps to solve the massive environmental problems you humans are creating (see herehere, here and here if you'd like to explore this issue). Honestly, it's the animals who should be berating you.

* Actually, Ad Nut has learned that the agency found archive footage for all the animal shots, so as not to disturb any real animals in their natural environments. That's thoughtful. And while it's disappointing that no animal actors got paid—perhaps the brand and agency would consider paying a commission to The Lion's Share?—Ad Nut appreciates the effort involved in scouting locations to match the archive footage and making the whole thing look fairly seamless. 


Brand: Greenweez
Director General and Founder : Romain Roy
Marketing and Communication Director : Camille Cordonnier
Communication Manager : Gauthier de Tessières
Creative Agency : Rosapark
Cofounders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco ECDs : Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco
Copywriters : William Verdel
Copywriters : Sebastien Mertens
Account Director : Lola Abourmad
Account Managers : François-Xavier de Sousa and Margot Rassak
Head of Production : Elodie Jonquille
TV production : Jean-François Wang and Jeanne Panzani
Production : Partizan
Director : Tony Vernagallo
Producer : Karine Takooree
Director of Photography : Pierre Cottereau
Production Director : Sébastien Bouloc
Production Assistant : Yann Hurpy
Post Production : Royal Post
Post Producer : Emma Poussard
Editing : Térence Nury
Calibrator : Sébastien Mingam
Sound Studio : Schmooze

Ad Nut is a surprisingly literate woodland creature that for unknown reasons has an unhealthy obsession with advertising. Ad Nut gathers ads from all over Asia and the world for your viewing pleasure, because Ad Nut loves you. You can also check out Ad Nut's Advertising Hall of Fame, or read about Ad Nut's strange obsession with 'murderous beasts'.


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