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May 5, 2021

Watch blindfolded lovers identify their mates by touch

A new Japan campaign for Skyn Condoms by UltraSuperNew Tokyo isn't as titillating as it could be, but makes its point in a market-appropriate way.

For Skyn Condoms, UltraSuperNew Tokyo asked blindfolded romantic partners to identify their lovers by touch. Fortunately—or unfortunately, depending on your personal fondness for voyeurism—the only body parts involved are hands.

Nonetheless, the resulting video is actually kind of hot. It manages to put across the intimacy of touch, which is of course the brand's point, without being inappropriate.  

The campaign is entitled ‘Soft love, brings us closer’.

According to the brand, all five women identified their partners correctly, with only two out of the five men being able to do so. While the sample is by no means large enough for scientific conclusions, this result is interesting, albeit perhaps not terribly surprising.

Marc Wesseling, co-founder and CEO of UltraSuperNew:

It is essential to respect cultural sensitivities when creating effective brand campaigns for our clients. With 'Soft Love, Brings us Closer' we wanted to create a sophisticated, emotional and engaging piece of work which will resonate with our target audience, but which respects the Japanese culture at the same time.

Ad Nut would say the agency succeeded. And although it would have been nice to see gay couples represented, Ad Nut recognises that the androgenous hetero couple that is included counts as some level of progress.  


Client: SKYN
Agency: UltraSuperNew
Creative Director: Yousuke Ozawa
Art Director: Rebbecca Chen
Copywriter: Nobuaki Nogamoto
Copywriter: Ryo Motooka
Producer: Daiki Shimizu
Web Producer: Mana Shigeki

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