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Aug 1, 2023

Flaccid but playful, condom brand Skyn rolls out latest pleasure chase

'No Skyn, no loving'? No excitement, no kidding, says Ad Nut.

Skyn, the Japanese condom brand marketed by Lifestyles Healthcare, is known to deliver frisky, intimate campaigns that speak to the softer side of aspirational desires. Its work is a sensory experience, often an experiment, that takes romance to a whole new climax. Take the ‘Undressing Softness’ film, for example, that offered Valentine’s Day strip tips and created quite a stir on Tokyo’s digital billboards. Or ‘Meeting Again for the First Time,’ which hypnotises married couples to rekindle their passion and intimacy like when they first met. 

In the latest summer rollout 'No Skyn, No Love', creative partner UltraSuperNew goes off-tangent.  The over three-minute film is action-packed and attempts at a Mission Impossible-style twist in the end. A young couple is trying to get cozy before the guy realises he's out of condoms. Several ninja-style acrobatic moves later where he braves hostile streets and predictable drama to secure condoms, he reaches the pharmacy only to find it shut. The cheeky twist doesn't deter the hero's love quest; when all else fails, it's time for plan B, one that hinges on the "softness bringing you closer" brand vision.  

UltraSuperNew went to great heights with the visual treatment in this film, Ad Nut will not spoil the twist for you. Let's just say the promise of a spicy rendezvous that had Ad Nut's eyes peeled was somewhat... flaccid in the end. Expecting slow burn but ending up a tad limp, you know the feeling?

Yousuke Ozawa, creative director, UltraSuperNew talks about the change in brand strategy with thw work: "Our new campaign is a bit of a leap from what we usually do because, in the past we focused our concept on capturing strong bonds between partners, reminding couples the importance of caring for each other and maintaining a great relationship. Our new campaign is also aimed to protect relationships between couples, but this time the story is captured from a male perspective, and the emotions he goes through. We pushed for something that had more action and humor, to attract a younger audience."

That’s commendable. Ad Nut loves the bravery when creatives delve into new territory, but the predictable action here takes away the ‘oomph’ and the fireworks one associates with work from UltraSuperNew. Visually, the film comes across as staged, Ad Nut does not find any newness in the action chase. Ad Nut even fails to appreciate the thrill or humor as the agency much desired.

The screenplay is balanced, the message is responsible and in line with the ‘Soft love, brings us closer’ motto, yet Ad Nut’s wish for creativity that blooms like wildflowers in the spring and leaves Ad Nut with a wink and a tantalising twitch, remains unfulfilled. With Skyn, Ad Nut expects a feast of berries, but it ended up with a handful of peanuts. Tasty, yes, varied and delightful, no. 


Client: SKYN
Agency: UltraSuperNew
Creative Director: Yousuke Ozawa
Creative: Yusuke Suzuki, Rebecca Chen, Yerai Zamorano, Kohei Okamura,Yan He
Producer: Daiki Shimizu
Assistant Producer: Alex Schmidt
Web Producer: Mana Shigeki, Alex Watanabe
Web Production: Chamindu Appuhamy, Malinda Wijekoon, Asela Jay, Ravindu Kannagara
Production Company: Geek
Producer: Fukutaro Inadome, Hitomoi Godo, Junpei Yamamoto
Director: Yuhei Kuramochi
PR: Material PR
Influencer Marketing: Ride
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