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Oct 22, 2018

The Tiger that meows politely and tries to make you laugh

A Malaysian entry in Tiger Beer's long-running 'Uncage' campaign lacks teeth.

Tiger Beer has an awesome, evocative name, especially for Asia, where the tiger is widely revered (albeit not adequately protected). But the brand's marketing—like the serviceable beer itself—plays it pretty safe. 

Despite the trappings of a fierce predator that's just waiting for someone to 'Uncage' it, the brand is more akin to a mild-mannered housecat. It sometimes makes a show of being tough, but it isn't a real killer at heart.

There's nothing really wrong with this. It's just a little weird that the brand continues to adopt the pose of barely restrained havoc when all it ever shows in its marketing is moderately daring behaviour, or perhaps some mild but fashionable rebellion.

This strange contrast reaches some kind of acme in the campaign film above, which targets Malaysia and was made by Naga DDB Tribal. 

Titled 'Awaken your courage', the video shows three folks who are making their way in the foodservice industry. Im Cheah left an advertising career to found a place called Bacon It. Jun Chan left engineering to launch a ramen-joint called Bowls of Steel. Herukh Jethwani, founder of Meat the Porkers, fuses traditional Indian cuisine with pork.

It is certainly brave to leave an established career to start a risky business, especially if you're going against parental pressure or religious/cultural strictures. But is it 'King of the Jungle' brave? Eh.

Perhaps Ad Nut should consider it a refreshing change that the brand is trying a lighter touch here, rather than having a bunch of young, good looking people stalking around looking all faux-ferocious. If this ad was funny, it might even work. Unfortunately, it's more annoying than amusing, especially the tired device of the smarmy voiceover artist who breaks the 'fourth wall' (the only good news is that he apparently decides at the end to quit his day job).

To be honest, the three entrepreneurs in the film have shown more marketing spark in the names they've chosen for their businesses (Meet the Porkers!) than Tiger itself has shown in some time, although Ad Nut has lauded the brand's support of cage-match football and its efforts to protect its namesake animal. 


ECD: Alvin Teoh
Creative Director: Paul Lim
Copywriters: Rachel Law, Johanna Woo
Art Director: Simon Yip
Head of Brand Management: Kevin Teh
Senior Brand Manager: Manpreet Rai
Brand Executive: Jayden Teoh
Project Management: Chris Chan
Head of Content Production: Chen Lee Ling
Production Coordinator: Brendan Loh
Film Director: Carolyn Chon
Director of Photography: Kenz Koh
Producer: Sare Raman (Directors Think Tank)
Audio Production: Fuse Adventures in Audio
Post Production: APV
Editor: Kalidass

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