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Sep 27, 2018

Pizza Hut Malaysia needs to ration the passion

A new campaign by the pizza brand seeks to ignite fire in consumers. But will 'Passion' help it 'cash in' or come 'crashin' down? (Ad Nut is here all week).

Alright fine, the headline is a bit mean, but Ad Nut is an ad-critiquing squirrel that can't resist a pun.

And it is true that the press release accompanying this new campaign to promote a new Pan Pizza recipe by Pizza Hut Malaysia mentions the word 'passion' no fewer than 10 times in a few short paragraphs, which Ad Nut thinks is a little excessive, given that we are still five months away from Valentine's Day. 

Still, this is a fun and upbeat video that features other (you guessed it) 'passionate' Malaysians including film director Quek Shio Chuan, graffiti artist Abdul Rashade and music producer Bo Amir Iqram. It started as a TV commercial and has extended across print and outdoor, with live activations too. 

Pizza Hut customers commenting on the TVC on the brand's Facebook page seem less than impressed by the new Pan Pizza recipe—or the service at the brand's restaurants in general. Passion, for all the images it conjours of heat and positivity, does not equate in real life to crispiness or taste, it seems. 

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