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Nov 8, 2023

Luminous and Grey India spread Diwali joy, one watt at a time

There's something about festive advertising that takes Ad Nut from its usual cynical, steely self to a teary-eyed, sentimental sap in a matter of minutes.

Ad Nut barely had time to stash away its sunscreen and start stashing acorns for the impending winter when, lo and behold, holiday-themed ads started hitting with gusto. And ‘buy’ the way, the pun on buy is wholly intended, with less than seven weeks until Christmas and just one for Diwali, it’s a blood sport out there with brands trying to get you to shell the bucks and get busy with consumering.

While Ad Nut is playing Scrooge to Christmas adverts—for at least another week, it’s in the mood for some inspiring Diwali dazzle that highlights family bonding, victory of good over evil and bittersweet emotions about reunions during the festival. So, whether it's a cracker of an ad or a total dud, if Ad Nut misses any festive fireworks from the region, feel free to drop a note in the comments section below.

For now, let’s focus on a massively long 3:39-minute film released by Grey India for client Luminous Power Technologies, which supplies power backup solutions. The campaign takes the festival philosophy of illuminating lives and spreading cheer quite literally. Set in an Indian city, it shows an employer-driver banter and how frequent power cuts are hindering the driver’s daughter’s academics. Given the employer's wealthy background, she is oblivious to these inconveniences impacting the diligent schoolgirl's dreams of becoming a doctor. She is putting in 14 hours of studies to get into medical school. So, the employer decides to do something meaningful, and instead of the usual gifts of sweets and toys, she surprises them with an energy-efficient power backup solution (an inverter). Now the little scholar can hit the books uninterrupted.

"Power cuts are about as real as Bollywood drama in India, and when you're living in big houses with inverters and solar panels, it's easy to forget the struggles. I'm thrilled we could team up with Luminous on this Diwali vision," says Anusha Shetty, the chairperson and group CEO at Grey Group India.

The film is simple, predictable, and as long as a Yule log, but there's something about festive advertising that takes Ad Nut from its usual cynical, steely self to a teary-eyed, sentimental sap in a matter of minutes. Once the tissues were tucked away, Ad Nut couldn't help but applaud the heart of the message—treating your domestic staff like family should be the norm. But, in countries with deep socio-economic divides, a gentle reminder like that is important. We all have unsung heroes who brighten our lives, and they deserve appreciation year-round, but it's especially heartwarming around festivals.

Hats off to those who make the world a little less nutty and a lot more illuminated! 

The agency partnered with acclaimed director Deepti Nangia to bring the film to life.


Brand: Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited
Agency: Grey Group India / AutumnGrey India
Chief Creative Officer: Sandipan Bhattacharyya  

Agency Campaign Team: Atul Pathak, Akshay Crasta, Abhishek Bagchi, Avaneesh R , Dhanashree Vishwanath, Kanan Binu, Karan Venkatesh, Nishanth AR, Nishant Sethi, Piyush Kumar, Sharmila Dutta , Sandhya Gurung and Vaishnavi Shetty

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