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Nov 9, 2023

Diwali 2023: Campaigns that dazzle

A handpicked list of the region's Diwali campaigns to add a touch of sparkle and joy at this time of the year.

Diwali 2023: Campaigns that dazzle

Ad Nut barely had time to stash away its sunscreen and start stashing acorns for the impending winter when, lo and behold, holiday-themed ads started hitting with gusto. 

While Ad Nut is playing Scrooge to Christmas adverts—for at least another week, it’s in the mood for some inspiring Diwali dazzle. With huge assistance from its ilk at Campaign India, here's a roundup of commercials that highlight family bonding, victory of good over evil and bittersweet emotions about reunions during the festival. So, whether it's a cracker of an ad or a total dud, if Ad Nut misses any festive fireworks from the region, feel free to drop a note in the comments section below.

Take a look at brands around the region that have come up with work for the Festival of Lights. 

Brand: McDonald's India 
Agency: DDB Mudra Group

Diwali isn't just one big celebration; it's a series of small, cherished moments with loved ones. McDonald's India has cooked up a heartwarming ad on Diwali celebrations with their "Celebrating For Your Other Diwali" video. It serves up the essence of Diwali in a unique style, all wrapped in a delicious surprise—their special wraps.

The ad itself is a flavorful delight, unfolding with two friends on a McDonald's mission guided by a third friend's instructions. They hoist a McDonald's bag up to a romantic rendezvous on a rooftop, where a couple enjoys McDonald's wraps under the starry sky, perfectly complemented by fireworks.

Brand: Luminous Power Technologies
Agency: Grey India

The campaign takes the festival philosophy of illuminating lives and spreading cheer quite literally. Set in an Indian city, it shows an employer-driver banter and how frequent power cuts are hindering the driver’s daughter’s academics. Given the employer's wealthy background, she is oblivious to these inconveniences impacting the diligent schoolgirl's dreams of becoming a doctor. She is putting in 14 hours of studies to get into medical school. So, the employer decides to do something meaningful, and instead of the usual gifts of sweets and toys, she surprises them with an energy-efficient power backup solution (an inverter). Now the little scholar can hit the books uninterrupted.

The film is simple, predictable, and as long as a Yule log, but there's something about festive advertising that takes Ad Nut from its usual cynical, steely self to a teary-eyed, sentimental sap in a matter of minutes. Once the tissues were tucked away, Ad Nut couldn't help but applaud the heart of the message—treating your domestic staff like family should be the norm. But, in countries with deep socio-economic divides, a gentle reminder like that is important. We all have unsung heroes who brighten our lives, and they deserve appreciation year-round, but it's especially heartwarming around festivals.
Brand: Bikano
Agency: In-house

This festive season, Bikano once again champions the cause of adoption and acceptance with its Diwali campaign, 'Achhi Soch Bato' (spread good thoughts). The film shows a young girl, immersed in creating a Rangoli with her mother, who is visited by a family friend who praises the seamless integration of their adopted child into the family. Ad Nut likes that the film reaffirms that bonds are forged not by 'blood relations' but through 'shared emotions.'

Brand: ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund 
Agency: In-house

Ad Nut knows the importance of saving. It will not be able to survive long, harsh winters if it wasn't for the secret stash of nuts and acorns it hides from its ilk. Humans need a lesson in sparking that financial wisdom too. ICICI Prudential is serving a Diwali cracker with just that intention. They've woven up a tale where a diligent house help refuses Diwali bonus to start his investment journey through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). It's a feel-good spot, and whilst Diwali is the time for financial prosperity, Ad Nut is not sure if it is also the time for financial literacy.  

Brand:Kalyan Jewellers
Agency: In-house

Kalyan Jewellers has half the Bollywood signed up as ambassadors. Needless to say, their work, Diwali or otherwise, is always a mega star-studded and over-the-top, blingy affair. This one, at 4min 20sec, launches specially curated gold coins in 22-carat and 24-carat has a string of Bollywood celebrities, including global ambassador Katrina Kaif.

Brand: Realme

Realme's Diwali campaign, 'dare to shine' has actor Shah Rukh Khan paying tribute to the enduring human spirit of resilience and self-belief while exhorting one and all to kindle their inner lights ahead of the festival of lights.

Brand: Western Union
Agency: Boch & Fernsh

The Western Union film 'Khule Dil Wali Diwali' created by Boch & Fernsh celebrates the spirit of togetherness and belonging this festive season. The work highlights the importance of community and how it's fast eroding but how little it takes to build it back up. "Alone you can go fast, together you can go far," Ad Nut appreciates the brand message because its ilk constantly needs that reminder. But humans? When did they become lone wolves?

Brand: Mahindra Finance
The narrative set in the backdrop of Diwali, features the protagonist, a responsible daughter who is committed to fulfilling her family’s needs and dreams. It highlights the aspect that our loved ones often make so many things possible for us without even being told to and draws a parallel with how Mahindra Finance too understands the financial needs of the customers and becomes a partner in fulfilling their dreams as one of their own. The film concludes with the daughter bringing home a new car on the occasion of Diwali, enabled by a Car Loan provided by Mahindra Finance.
Brand: Wipro   
The two films demonstrate Wipro Lighting's commitment to seamlessly integrating innovation into daily life and the spirit of Diwali celebrations. In the first film, a young boy amazes his father by turning a simple device into a smart one with the Smart Plug. In the second, he overwhelms his eccentric grandfather with the brilliance of Smart Bulbs, creating a perfect atmosphere for decorations. These films aim to encapsulate Wipro Lighting's core – technology-enhancing offerings and how they weave themselves into celebrations through a human touch.


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