Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
Apr 28, 2014

LG promotes TV with 'curvature cuisine' gimmick in Hong Kong

HONG KONG - LG has emphasised the features of its high-end curved OLED TV, launched in the city in October 2013, with a HK$1-million brand experience that involves the curvature of food.

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As part of the launch campaign, LG invited a three-star Michelin chef Alvin Leung from Bo Innovation to create a three-course menu for eight guests to enjoy on a vintage bus manufactured in 1964 while it traverses the streets of Hong Kong (North Point, Causeway Bay and Central). Guests include local influencers such as beauty blogger cum vlogger, Bren Lui (known as 大佬B).

Martin Yeung, general manager of consumer electronics at LG Hong Kong, said this campaign is "unprecedented and never been done before as it is one of very first few brands creating a totally new brand experience on an antique bus" that taps into the trend-chasing mindset of Hongkongers.

A video of the moving meal, called the "O’Black Banquet", was produced in the hope that it would go viral. It kicks off the campaign, supported by other media platforms (print ads, instagram) and BTL activities (roadshows), elaborated Rico Wong, assistant manager of the brand marketing team at LG Hong Kong. Viewers are encouraged to share the video with the hashtag #lgoblack in order to win said curved OLED TV for free.

Jennifer Yip, creative director of Secret Tour Hong Kong, said the cuisine in the three-course meal was designed to project the features of the product. The black theme from starter to dessert highlights a "perfect" contrast ratio attained by independent light-emitting pixels inside the television. This is significant because the contrast ratio has achieved a 'true black' on-screen colour that has been accepted by Pantone as a proprietary 'LG O'Black' colour.

Curved and thin ingredients that match the curved and thin screen of the TV are also touted as much as possible, with chef Leung saying in the spot: "It's not a television; it's a piece of art. That shiny thin surface [of the TV] is kind of like a black crystal ball. I made a translucent sugar ball covering the dessert to reflect that. When you break the sugar ball with your spoon, the radiance of colour from the dessert comes out at you, just like when you switch on the TV."


Client: LG Electronics Hong Kong

Creative agency: Secret Tour Hong Kong

Creative directors: Jennifer Yip, Stephen Chung

Senior art director: Vikki Ip

Art directors: Susan Chan, Chloe Ng

Copywriter: Dorothy Wong

Account manager: Joseph Hon

Production agency: Alternate Ltd

Media agency: Havas Hong Kong

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