Matthew Miller
Feb 25, 2015

Hyundai turns old cars into artworks evoking 'Brilliant memories'

KOREA - Hyundai, in a campaign by Postvisual, sought to accentuate the emotional connections people form with their cars by turning bits of their junked or sold vehicles into works of art, which it then presented to the former owners.

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Client: Hyundai Motor Company

Agency: Postvisual (a J Walter Thompson company)

Market: Korea

Campaign scope: Digital campaign featuring four short films, followed by an art exhibit. 

Details: The agency's creative team tracked down and retrieved the discarded cars of real-life people, then hired top Korean artists and sculptors to remake the junked cars into works of art, which it presented to the former owners. For example a taxi driver received a sofa made from the back seat of the taxi that allowed him to support his family for many years—with flashing headlights on its armrests, no less (above). In the other videos (below), another car became an elaborate journey through a couple's history (pictured), the seat of another became a leatherbound suitcase for a woman emigrating to Canada and another became a frame presented as part of a photo exhibit. In January the brand hosted an art exhibit showing off the items. 

Press release quote: "By turning car parts into something the former owners would continue to use, the online campaign extends Hyundai’s 'Live Brilliant' brand campaign, which focuses on how Hyundai vehicles are more than just cars that transport people from one place to another—but rather are spaces where people share a variety of emotions and experiences."

Results: The films debuted on Hyundai’s YouTube channel in October and garnered nearly 6 million views within two months. The project also received coverage on television and in newspapers and magazines. It also won 2014 Advertising of the Year from the Korean Advertising & PR Practitioner’s Society and the top digital media design medal at the Korean Design Awards.

Campaign Asia Pacific's comments: As someone who has come to the point of tears while watching trusted cars being driven (or towed) away, this really resonates. Much like a home, a car that one drives for a long time becomes a sort of physical anchor for memories about a sweeping period of one's life. And saying goodbye becomes a moment of weighty reflection that brings on the feels. So although making an old car seat into a suitcase may seem a bit odd, lots of car owners would probably love to have similar mementos of their past rides.


ECD: Jeehee Lee, Euna Seol
CD: Jungin Choi
Writer: Yujin Lee, Heejin Oh, Mira Oh
Art Director: Taegon Kim, Mina Seo, Minhee Kang
Planning & Account team: Seonghwan Bae, Nuri Yoon, Eunhye Choi

wide player in 16:9 format. Used on article page for Campaign.


wide player in 16:9 format. Used on article page for Campaign.


wide player in 16:9 format. Used on article page for Campaign.



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