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Aug 26, 2021

Death metal: A pangolin screams for vengeance

AD NUT's PICK OF THE WEEK: You need to hear and see 'Angry Pango' rage against the illegal-trade machine, in this music video for an original metal song produced by Dentsu Mcgarrybowen China.

Ad Nut doesn't care for heavy-metal music. All that raging and screaming and pounding!

However, when innocent woodland creatures are being slaughtered to the point of extinction, Ad Nut is the one who wants to rage. And when this is happening solely because it enriches greedy murderers who harvest and sell the creatures' parts to misguided consumers who believe (wrongly!) that those parts have miraculous health benefits, then Ad Nut too wants to scream and pound on things.

So Ad Nut understands why Dentsu Mcgarrybowen China, working with the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), has chosen heavy metal as the genre for 'My armour, their greed', an original song and music video about the ongoing extermination of pangolins (above). 

Although not entirely up to speed on metal sub-genres (of which there are MANY), Ad Nut suspects the song would more correctly be termed 'death metal', which is even more appropriate. Whatever you call it, the music is the perfect vehicle to express the anger that all peaceful creatures should feel about the decimation of these lovely, peaceful animals, who would rather roll up into a ball (and warn you off with an unpleasant-smelling secretion) than get into a confrontation.

In the video, a pangolin called 'Angry Pango' is done with such defensive measures. Instead, he uses distorted monster-style vocals to loudly bemoan the fate of his species, set to a violent, relentless tune that Ad Nut admits is pretty catchy—once you manage to hear the melody amidst all that cacophony.

The fidelity to real metal music is remarkable and pretty hilarious, by the way. Ad Nut especially enjoys the relatively quiet, breakdown part (from 1:40 to 2:00), where Angry Pango actually sings—although Ad Nut's keen ears noticed a screaming vocal track lower down in the mix. Top marks to everyone—the lyricists, composers, performers, producers and animators. The song is also available in Mandarin.

The video was released in April and has been distributed on YouTube, Weibo, Haokan and other platforms. Ad Nut doesn't normally write about things that are that old, but is sure you can understand why this one had to be shared.


Creative Team: Kaz Tsuburaku, Tadafusa Honda, Andrew Shee, SweeMei Loo, Yuma Shingai, Eric Pang, Meng Qian, Dannie Huang

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