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Jan 22, 2020

Airbnb China inverts CNY travel tradition in 'Fu'

The brand's wordless animated tale is sweet and perfect, right down to the tagline at the end.

There are no words in this charming and excellent Chinese New Year Film for Airbnb by Final Frontier and Taiko Studios. Ad Nut will honor it by using few words to describe or explain it. Just watch it.

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2020 Chinese New Year advertising and marketing
We collect brand efforts to mark the arrival of the Year of the Rat.


Production Company - Final Frontier
Executive Producer - Chris Colman, Julieta Zajaczkowski, Gustavo Karam
Lead Producer - Yanyie Tran
Animation - Matias Sesti, Nicolas Agarzua, Patricio Passaralli
Illustrator - Isaac Hugo Barbosa

Client: Airbnb China
Head of Marketing: Mia Chen
Creative Director: Justin Leung
Designer: Vicki Sun
Copywriter: Iris Weng
Creative Producer: Ray Fu
Senior Marketing Manager: Elaine Hui
Marketing Manager: Zhida Xu
Social Specialist: Summer Zhang
Marketing Manager: Pamela Li

Animation Studio: Taiko Studios
Director - Shaofu Zhang
Co-Director - Andrew Chesworth
Producer - Hande Zhang
Production Supervisor - Erik Lee
Production Manager - Brandie Braxton
Production Coordinator - Hou Puyu, Xu Siyuan
Storyboard Artist - Connie He
Visual Development Artists - Andrew Chesworth, Connie He, Noor Sofi
Additional Visual Development Artists - Chelsea Blecha, Felicia Chen, Susan Huang, Dia Jamandron
Assets Lead - Cimouns Xin
Assets - Lu Yi, Wang Shuo, Yang Tong
Additional Assets - Guo Jun
Rigging - Lin Lingwei
Rigger - Zebra, Junyu Peng, Ruixi Wang
Animation Lead - Yukang Liu
Animators - Andrew Chesworth, Erik Lee, Li Jianxun, Liu Jianxiong, Lyu Qinghui, Tao Mingming, Shaofu Zhang
Additional Animation- TungChing "Neil" Chia, Zebra,
Animation Supervisor - Leonard Han
Animators - Jason Liu, Yudong Zhang, Torry Wang, Lingchao Tao, Yihai Xie, Zhihe Ren, Xiaoyan Pan
Producer - Rainie Xue
Effects & Simulation - Wang Songtao
Lighting & Compositing - Chang Xin, Guo Jun, He Shuyi
Additional Lighting & Compositing - Kane Chang, Ron Shaw, Wu Wenting, Cimouns Xin, Chen Ying, Tang Yuling
Accounting & Finance - Brandie Braxton, Zhou Daiyi
Additonal Partners - Artineering, Santiago Montesdeoca, Alexandre Bléro
Animation Support: Blossom Pictures (Beijing)
CG Supervisor CG - Brad Falk
Business Manager - Pablo Meng
Animation Supervisor - Brian Dowrick
Production Manager - Jingyang Zhao
Animator - Gaofeng Ren, Zhenxu Zhang, Shaohui Xue
Lighting & Comp Supervisor - Ning Lv
Lighting Artist - Haifeng Gao, Xiaoyu Bai, Nan Wang, Tianling Wang, Zexin Xu

Music Production Company: Ant food
Creative Director: Lou Schmidt
Music Producers: Lou Schmidt, Fernando Rojo, Luis Bergmann, Pedro Curvello, Vini Nunes
Sound Designers: Fernando Ianni, Tiago Mago, Fabian Jorje, Pablo Mello, Emilio Daccorone, Bruno Broaska
Executive Producers: Christiane Rachel, Renato Castro, Monique Munhoz

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