Shawn Lim
Jul 28, 2023

Veteran brand and tech leaders join Tech MVP 2023 award jury

The jury of six technology leaders from MetLife, SCMP, LiveRamp, Quantcast and ElucidateX will judge entries in this year's awards for the region's top tech talent and products, with Campaign Asia-Pacific's tech and media editor Shawn Lim, as chair.

Veteran brand and tech leaders join Tech MVP 2023 award jury

Campaign Asia-Pacific has announced the jury responsible for judging entries to its annual Tech MVP 2023, celebrating the most exceptional technical talent and innovative products from the Asia-Pacific region.

The jury has been carefully selected to ensure the full breadth of the industry is represented as best as possible, and to accurately and fairly assess entries across brands, agency platforms, publishers, and tech suppliers. 

The jury members all have valuable experience building or overseeing the development of products, and hiring and managing technical talent, so they know what to look out for when reviewing what constitutes a Most Valuable Professional and Most Valuable Product.

Look out next week as we reveal the specific criteria jury members will be assessing entries on for Tech MVP 2023.

Nominations are open for individuals and businesses to submit to Most Valuable Professional and Most Valuable Product. There's over a week left to secure the early bird rate (until Friday, August 25). 

At least three jury members will review each entry to Most Valuable Professional and Most Valuable Product to ensure that judging is fair and rigorous. Jury members will be excluded from judging any entries from their own companies.

Without further ado, presenting the Tech MVP 2023 jury in alphabetical order:

Agnisha Ghosh, director of digital media, MetLife

"Technology is pivotal for customer-centricity today. Brands are always trying to play catch-up with the dynamic customer needs and the fast-paced technological evolution. This is an excellent opportunity for me to come face-to-face with the out-of-the-box thinkers, the disruptors and discover new ideas shaping the future of marketing. It’s an incredible learning opportunity for me!"

Gordon Domlija, co-founder and managing partner, ElucidateX

"Innovation in the use of technology is the driving force behind the continuous transformation of the industry. It has already revolutionised how we work and what we do, but this is just the start. The opportunity in front of us is exponential. I’m excited to see ambitious ideas that challenge conventional applications of technology that set out to disrupt and, hopefully, bring positive change to the industry. I look forward to being inspired by the creativity and brilliance of the talented individuals and teams across the region and, through these awards, contribute, recognise and celebrate innovations that will advance the industry."

Kevin Huang, chief operating officer, SCMP

"Being on the jury panel allows me to witness firsthand the great strides that emerging and established talents are making in shaping the future of the marcomms industry. I'm eager to lend my voice to these visionary individuals and cutting-edge technologies that drive progress and elevate our digital landscape."

Sonal Patel, vice president of APAC, Quantcast

"As a professional working in technology myself, I'm excited to be allowed to witness the limitless ingenuity and pursuit of innovation within the industry through awards like the Tech MPV. The honour I feel in judging the entries is matched only by the responsibility I will undertake in recognising and celebrating the talent and forward-thinking that shapes how we move forward as an industry. Technology goes hand-in-hand with service, and as a person with deep experience navigating the service layer within the technology space (particularly within programmatic media), I believe what makes technology products and professionals valuable is how their ideas or developments can solve real-world issues and make life easier. That’s why technology exists, to me."

Tan Seow Ping, head of Southeast Asia, LiveRamp

"Being part of this recognition of the best offers a learning opportunity to understand innovation and the latest technology while also providing a chance to network and get to know great talent, ultimately contributing to driving innovation, advancement, and positive impact in the industry."

Jury chair: Shawn Lim, editor, media and technology, Campaign Asia-Pacific

Campaign Asia-Pacific is thrilled to support the progress of groundbreaking technology in the region, brought to life by visionary innovators, enterprising minds, and skilled developers. The Tech MVP initiative acknowledges the brilliance of transformative technology that enhances the operations of businesses across the region, making it a highly valuable undertaking for us.”

Our mission at Campaign Asia-Pacific is to reflect and recognise the full spectrum of the industry, and while the marcomms industry has plenty of awards, technical talent and products can often be overlooked. We want to shift that with Tech MVP, and hope you will help us by shining a light on your brightest and best.

Here's a reminder of the deadlines to nominate to Tech MVP 2023:

Early-bird deadline: Friday, August 25

Regular deadline: Friday, September 1

Late-entry deadline: Friday, September 8

On all dates, entries will be accepted until 23:59 SG/HK (GMT+8)

For more information on eligibility, what to prepare for your submission and the nomination and judging process, visit the launch article here.

Questions? Send them to [email protected], and we’ll help as soon as we can.

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