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Aug 3, 2023

Tech MVP 2023: What makes a standout entry

Campaign's jury of technology leaders reveal the core components of a Most Valuable Professional and Most Valuable Product for TechMVP 2023.

Tech MVP 2023: What makes a standout entry

The jury responsible for judging entries to Campaign Asia-Pacific's Tech MVP awards, which celebrate the most exceptional technical talent and innovative products from the Asia-Pacific region, has revealed what they will be looking for from entries this year. 

The early-bird deadline for submissions to Tech MVP 2022 is August 25, which includes the following lists: Most Valuable Professional and Most Valuable Product. To aid nominees as they prepare their submissions, Campaign asked the jury of six technology leaders to detail what core attributes they will be looking out for from individuals and products, and to provide advice on what constitutes a standout entry.

What makes a Most Valuable Product?

Gordon Domlija, co-founder and managing partner, ElucidateX 

We are in a vast, diverse and highly nuanced region, so I will first look for insight and design rooted in an understanding of Asia-Pacific's people, culture and landscape. We have all seen countless innovations built outside of the region and expected to work here, and we know that these are often unworkable and quickly sunset. The practical application here is paramount to success.

The second thing I look for is scalability. How does the entry impact more broadly than a technical fix, and what role does it play in the industry? This is the difference between a good idea and a transformative product.

I am also a massive fan of disruption. How does product innovation challenge norms or reshape the industry? It is here and ready to be reshaped, so don’t hold back on your ambition.

As a final note, I advocate for the ethical application of the technology. How does this benefit people who use it in terms of productivity, sustainability, transparency and protection of data and privacy? Of course, technology is used to generate revenue and efficiencies, but however cliched it is, I’d still love to see how the innovation makes a positive change.

Sonal Patel, managing director, Quantcast 

Product fit (for the market or client involved), innovation, creativity, whether it’s a scalable offering and narrative that works and most of all, practical performance. I will mainly be looking to understand if a product does what it promises and how results were measured to determine its success.

Tan Seow Ping, head of Southeast Asia, LiveRamp 

I will look for its demonstrated impact on the community, business results, and scalability in driving positive change. My standout entry is its commitment to sustainability, customer/user-focused design, and exceptional potential for future impact.

What makes a Most Valuable Professional?

Gordon Domlija, co-founder and managing partner, ElucidateX 

Every major innovation in our industry has only come about because of the passion and drive of individuals who turn ideas and concepts into transformational products.

Insight, the scale of ambition, and creative problem-solving are critical ingredients to establishing the idea. Demonstrating individual contribution in bringing the idea to life will be what I am looking for in entries.

The expectation is not that an individual plays every part in a process or takes ultimate credit for a team effort. Instead, it is about articulating their role in innovation and how any breakthrough came about. Where have they found inspiration, collaborated and influenced processes and people to turn an idea into a creation with longevity and measurability?

Finally, what’s this person's impact, both in terms of the products they have developed and in the culture of innovation they have built for their company and the people around them? Elevating the role of innovation within an organisation is a crucial consideration for me.

Kevin Huang, chief operating officer, SCMP 

I will look for intelligent, creative solutions that yield efficiency, amplify results, and a relentless drive to push boundaries. A standout entry will impress with concrete evidence of their impact, a deep understanding of market dynamics, and a passion for tackling real-world challenges head-on. 

I urge applicants to provide specific examples of their groundbreaking work, demonstrable outcomes, and a clear commitment to driving positive change in the dynamic landscape of technology.

Sonal Patel, managing director, Quantcast 

A standout tech professional to me demonstrates knowledge of the market, understanding of how their talent or work solves problems, perseverance in navigating obstacles, a growth mindset, and most of all, how this individual thought differently but ensured that their work was relevant for local application

Tan Seow Ping, head of Southeast Asia, LiveRamp 

I will look for their demonstrated impact on internal teams, the business, the wider professional community, and the industry. A standout entry for me would showcase their ability to make complex technology simple and understandable through compelling storytelling while highlighting their exceptional leadership and teamwork skills.

The jury has been carefully selected to ensure the full breadth of the industry is represented: Agency, brand/platform, publisher, tech supplier and VC. The hope is this will reassure any individuals or companies submitting to the list that their talent and products will be well understood.

The jury will be chaired by Shawn Lim, media and technology editor at Campaign. Here's a reminder of the deadlines to nominate to Tech MVP 2023:

Early-bird deadline: Friday, August 25 

Regular deadline: Friday, September 1 

Late-entry deadline: Friday, September 8 

On all dates, entries will be accepted until 23:59 SG/HK (GMT+8) 

For more information on eligibility, what to prepare for your submission and the nomination and judging process, visit the launch article here. 

Questions? Send them to [email protected], and we’ll help as soon as we can.

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