Gabey Goh
Apr 19, 2016

Unruly uploads video inventory to The Trade Desk

GLOBAL - Unruly is announcing a partnership with The Trade Desk to make its premium outstream placements available to the demand-side platform’s clients via UnrulyX.

Unruly uploads video inventory to The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk’s clients will now be able to access what is claimed to be more than one billion monthly viewable video impressions via the video ad tech company’s viewable video SSP.

Through the partnership, buyers can now bid on outstream videos available in a variety of formats and lengths. UnrulyX is touted to provide unique premium placements on publishers’ sites, aimed at advertisers looking for high-impact, viewable ad placements.

The new arrangement intends to give clients access to ad placements on hundreds of premium publisher sites through The Trade Desk’s open exchange and private marketplace, according to the companies.

Unruly said UnrulyX ensures advertisers’ creative will only appear in brand-safe environments. The company has an in-house brand safety team that works with partners, including Moat and Integral Ad Science, to verify both viewability levels and human traffic.

It is also compliant with TAG’s quality assurance guidelines and JICWEBS’ social video code.

The company claims that viewability is controlled, as the ad does not begin to play unless 50 percent of the creative is in-view and always allows the user to skip the ad.

Unruly co-CEO Scott Button said with ad blocking and evolving client concerns, advertisers cite viewability as a top challenge, while consumers want to be in control of their advertising experience.

“UnrulyX uniquely supports both of these often conflicting goals by offering user friendly ad formats which are viewability-initiated,” he added.

“The Trade Desk’s clients can be assured that their placements are viewable because our formats only begin to play when they are 50 percent in-view on premium sites. They are user friendly because we never force the ad view and people can easily skip the ads.”

Tim Sims, VP of inventory partnerships at The Trade Desk, said premium video inventory is a valuable commodity in the programmatic ecosystem.

“UnrulyX provides a fantastic source of highly viewable inventory,” he added. “Access to this outstream inventory expands our reach outside of pre-roll into new formats that can help deliver compelling brand messages around the globe.”

A full list of Unruly’s media partners can be found on its Partner Portal.


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