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Aug 11, 2015

Ronaldo goes incognito to promote...something

From Europe: Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise, for ROC Live Life Loud; agency unknown

Ronaldo goes incognito to promote...something

This video starring Cristiano Ronaldo makes a better social experiment than it does an ad. Watch as passersby ignore the apparently homeless man despite his absolutely dazzling footwork and ball-handling skills. Then watch them lose their minds when he removes his disguise. (Ad Nut notes that the concept owes a clear debt to this experiment by the Washington Post way back in 2007.)

The stunt is not, however, a very effective ad for the footballer's new ROC Live Life Loud line of overpriced and hideously ugly headphones. 


Ad Nut is more fond of this other recent marketing effort starring Ronaldo, from Japan: 


And of course there's this wondrous and inexplicable classic:


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