Nicola Merrifield
Dec 9, 2021

Pinterest marks out lounge lingerie and DIY car curtains as top trends for 2022

Searches for 'lounge lingerie' increased by 96 times last year.

Pinterest: annual trends report for the coming year reveals rapidly increasing search terms (Getty)
Pinterest: annual trends report for the coming year reveals rapidly increasing search terms (Getty)

“Lounge lingerie”, “DIY car curtains” and “creative retail display” are some of the top items and ideas people are expected to hunt for next year, according to social media platform Pinterest.

In its Pinterest Predicts 2022 report, the company looked at 180 search trends that were on the up between October 2019 and September 2021.

It expects these search terms to attract more interest over the coming year and is encouraging brands to use this intelligence as an “essential guidebook…to target their audiences” in 2022.

Searches for “lounge lingerie” multiplied by 96 times in the past year, while “aura colours”—linked to a wider spiritual trend—increased by 36 times. Meanwhile “car curtains DIY” saw 36 times more searches last year and interest in “creative retail display” rose to 28 times higher, thought to be as a result of more people starting their own shops, both on and offline. 

Meanwhile, the number of “vibrant outfits” searches increased—by 16 times—as did “tiny library room” (12 times more searches), “luxury laundry room” (11 times higher). “Friendship video” grew 10 times more—as part of a wider interest in showing appreciation for loved ones.

The analysis is based on the search terms that experienced the biggest growth last year, including what people were looking for on Pinterest—a platform used by 400 million people every month, according to the company—and also data on wider searches online.

The social media platform said 80% of the trends it predicted for 2021 were correct after the search terms it marked out continued to climb throughout the past year.

Visha Naul, director of business marketing EMEA at Pinterest, said: "Our annual Pinterest Predicts is a look into the future,  a 'not-yet-trending' report, based on emerging searches on Pinterest. 

"For marketers, it’s a chance to tap into the top themes and ideas that Pinterest users are starting to look for, and that will become the next-big-thing tomorrow. It's the essential guidebook for brands mapping out their content for 2022, to effectively target their audiences."

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