Aleda Stam
Jan 22, 2021

Omnicom launches omniearnedID analytics platform

It’s designed to validate the impact of earned media on brand sales.

Omnicom launches omniearnedID analytics platform

Omnicom Public Relations Group has launched omniearnedID, a communications analytics platform. 

The holding company designed the patent-pending platform to solve communicators’ age-old problem of evaluating the effectiveness of earned media on business outcomes. 

OmniearnedID is built on Omnicom's marketing and insights platform Omni. It provides information about the people consuming and reacting to a brand's earned media and links them to measurable metrics such as sales and brand reputation.

"Being able to consistently link earned media to sales is a game changer, not just for PR, but a company's entire marketing picture," said Erin Lanuti, chief innovation officer at OPRG, in a statement. "For decades, communications leaders have been looking for ways to better understand their audiences and to create more precise programs at scale."

The technology can be applied to any industry, including consumer packaged goods, technology or health and wellness, as well as any communications discipline, including corporate reputation, crisis communications and influencer relations, OPRG said.

The holding company said the platform is unique in that it uses sales and brand health to prove the impact of earned media, quantify the business impact of influencer campaigns and assess the reach of potentially damaging articles or blog posts.

All information aggregated by the platform is anonymous and complies with global data privacy regulation, OPRG said.

Omnicom PR Group is the latest in a sting of agencies or networks to roll out its own proprietary communications technology. Last October, MDC Partners launched PRophet, which it called the first AI-driven platform to help PR pros predict media interest, sentiment and coverage. The prior month, Edelman developed CommsTech Solutions, a service and series of tools that the firm says can predict consumer behavior and reduce risk.



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