Babar Khan Javed
Dec 19, 2017

India dominates Android mobile ad spending: Smaato

A smatter of data points from the latest Smaato report shows that mobile ad spending in the APAC region continues to grow.

India dominates Android mobile ad spending: Smaato

With 97 percent of India's mobile ad spending dominated by Android, it is the largest APAC market for the platform, followed up by Indonesia at 96 percent.

A new report by Smaato, "Global Trends in Mobile Advertising Q3 2017" offers key insights into the worldwide mobile programmatic advertising landscape based on in-depth analysis of the Smaato platform’s trillion ad impressions in that quarter.

The report singles out India as the top market overall and the top market for the APAC region where mobile is in a high growth phase as Android-powered smartphones become increasingly affordable. In 2017 alone, the number of smartphone users in India increased by over 40 million.

Smaato projects that mobile ad spending in India will grow by 85 percent in the coming year.

Comparing Q3 2017 with Q3 2016, the report purports that consumer mobile usage will grow by 73 percent in India, with Japan dominating the APAC region with a 180 percent increase. 

As a region, the APAC represented the smallest amount of mobile video advertising requests (a surrogate indicator of users’) on the Smaato platform at 35 percent but had the highest country growth rates, including Japan and South Korea at 164 percent and 130 percent respectively.

Of all APAC markets, Japan and India had the highest increase for in-app mobile ad spending with 19 points and 15 points respectively.


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