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Oct 25, 2016

Holistic data solutions built to connect fragmented and siloed data

Stacking data partners and sources to achieve one view of the customer with open and secure data policies offers marketers real-time actionable marketing leverage

Holistic data solutions built to connect fragmented and siloed data

A single view of the customer is equivalent to the holy grail for adtech professionals. Putting together a full picture of a customer — how they consume digital content, interact with websites and behave online across an entire day or lifetime — is dependent on different data sources and partnerships.

For brands looking to cross the chasm created by siloed data sources, Google’s product portfolio provides the biggest and deepest view of traffic flows, with insight from its marketing product Google Analytics 360 (GA 360)  and its component solutions DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) and AdWords.

In China, these products can provide end-to-end first party data solutions, from the front-end ad to site analytics tracking of customer behaviour at every touch point on the purchase journey.

GA360 offers a single view of the customer, Ji Jingtao, head of Google Analytics 360 Suite, Greater China, told an audience in Shanghai at the Google Data Summit in September. “It delivers end-to-end tracking which enables advertisers to obtain deeper consumer insights to optimize marketing decisions.”

“Google’s trusted data solutions can connect fragmented and siloed data into a holistic perspective, turning quality data into actionable insights for brands,” Ji continued.

“GA 360 excels as a marketing tool in several ways,” Ji explained. “Not only are we the experts in the field when it comes to insight compilation and analysis, we have tools in place to ensure real and high quality data flow, as well as the studious tracking of the ads visibility. GA 360 is also backed by powerful anti-fraudulent technologies.”

One of the reasons why GA 360 is so powerful is its ability to integrate with other Demand Side Platforms (DPSs). As an advertiser, you’d not only be able to feed your own data — culled from your own loyalty programme, for example — through the DoubleClick Data Platform, but also data collected from a third-party provider.

Beyond allowing you to continuously engage with users to expand your first-party data pool, GA 360 thus provides a holistic view of your potential customer base. With the generation of personalised algorithms, you’d be able to engage in cost-efficient target marketing.

When it comes to connecting the dots with apps, Firebase combines prebuilt engagement and in-app actions enabling the advertiser to manage your conversions and lifetime value for AdWords campaigns and over 20 third-party ad networks.

Stringent technologies are also put in place to prevent cost-per-click (CPC) fraud, enabling you to focus on user engagement and advertising strategies without having to worry about being scammed.

As Richards Gilbert, Head of Performance Solutions, N. APAC at Google, puts it succinctly, “when it comes to translating analytics into active app advertising strategies, you can’t get more effective than that [Firebase].”

“It allows to you listen to the details of each customer brand interaction and, if needed, alter the course of how you engage with your customer to achieve better business results.”

Google’s solutions also deliver the important metric of ad viewability, “thereby helping advertisers achieve true brand exposure,” Guo says.

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