Oct 26, 2023

House 337 launches AI ethics committee and guidelines

The guidelines aim to protect human creativity and train people on how to leverage AI responsibly.

Sep 29, 2023

Reddit will no longer allow users to opt-out of ad personalisation

The mandatory opt-in for personalised ads was announced as part of a series of settings updates that will gradually be rolled out in the coming weeks. Select unspecified countries will still be able to opt-out.

Aug 17, 2023

How Man City, PSG and Bayern connect with APAC fans through tech and data

Tapping into the Asian market is something most European football clubs have been keen to do over the years, but to varying degrees of infiltration. Campaign spoke to some of the biggest clubs in Europe as they headed to APAC, to find out how they stay in touch with Asian fanbases.

Aug 15, 2023

Tech platforms attribute recent growth spurts to AI-powered performance products

Alphabet, Amazon and Meta turned more highly scrutinised marketing budgets to their advantage in Q2, by honing in on ease and efficiency, according to analysts.

Aug 8, 2023

Invisible ad fraud uncovered on Google Play apps, affects millions of Korean Android users says new cyber report

Researchers have uncovered 43 rogue apps that collectively received 2.5 million covert downloads, violating Google Play's developer standards.