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Jun 12, 2023

Futureproofing your digital marketing efforts first requires education

In an ever-changing industry, your greatest defence is staying informed about the latest digital marketing tools and insights.

Futureproofing your digital marketing efforts first requires education
The digital marketing landscape is changing. Between shifting consumer behaviours, tightening privacy regulations, and imminent cookieless standards, marketers who want to stay on top of the latest trends and regulations cannot afford to be complacent. The first and most critical step to futureproofing your digital marketing strategies is to stay educated by enrolling in courses, reviewing current research, and attending trade events led and backed by credible industry experts.
One trusted partner is ad verification pioneer DoubleVerify (DV). Through its thought leadership content, self-led training program DV University (DVU), and panels and seminars, DV has worked tirelessly to share emerging tools and concepts with the industry.
Paying attention pays off
Attention metrics are becoming a standard optimisation tool. At a time when the average consumer sees an increasing number of ads a day, it’s no longer enough to hinge an advertising campaign’s success on traditional metrics like views. This is why leading marketers are increasingly incorporating attention into their campaign measurement and reporting. 
Speaking on a panel about attention and media quality at Campaign Spotlight, DV enterprise sales director Jeremy Chang explained the way DV measures attention and how it intersects with media quality. Two critical elements in DV’s attention insights are exposure — what Chang defined as the intensity or prominence of an ad — and engagement — the precise action users take while viewing ads, like adjusting the volume on videos or scrolling past content.
At the same event, Louis Ng, head of programmatic at Havas Media Group Hong Kong, framed attention as a metric that gauges how meaningfully consumers interact with the ad in question.
“Traditionally, the advertising industry has used impressions to measure whether ads are viewable. However, viewability does not fully reflect or account for the actual attention span of real people,” said Ng. “To qualify as meaningful attention, we need a more comprehensive approach to consider other factors like user engagement, ad format and publisher contacts.”
Get certified 
It’s more critical now than ever to stay educated about new concepts like attention measurement. And DVU — an intuitive self-guided online training platform that offers individual and group certifications — is a comprehensive resource that empowers advertisers to gain a deeper understanding of the tools DV offers. 
With new course content being added regularly, DVU offers new and experienced marketers the ability to explore topics related to ad verification and media quality, including attention. Each course ends with a quiz or knowledge assessment to ensure students are confident and proficient in the new subject area. 
Besides being a valuable educational tool for marketers, a DVU certification badge tells existing and potential clients that your company prioritises ongoing staff training for burgeoning industry trends. Havas has proudly embraced the program and achieved agency-wide DVU certifications as part of its commitment to upholding media quality, driving campaign efficiency, and protecting client reputations and investments. 
At a time when the ad industry is constantly changing, thought leadership content and educational resources such as DVU are vital for agencies and advertisers looking to traverse this brave new world safely and confidently. 
Click here to learn more about DVU and here to explore DV’s thought leadership content.


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