Jan 22, 2024

Attention isn’t dead – how to get attention in a world of attention seekers

The advertising industry is built on the search for attention, nothing we do in this industry works without it. The problem, however, is that apparently no one has any left to give.

Oct 30, 2023

Why attention-adjusted reach curves are the next evolution in ad measurement

The difference between people who are reached and those who actually view an ad is dramatic. So how can advertisers sort the signal from the noise?

Dec 14, 2022

Your attention please: How to navigate attention metrics

Marketers should understand the value they seek and their objectives when experimenting with attention measurement—this is because attention is neither a commodity nor a currency and is notoriously hard to capture.

Aug 11, 2022

Attention metrics are becoming more nuanced, but are brands ready to use them?

Agencies and tech providers are building a more sophisticated understanding of consumer attention, but they face cultural and infrastructure challenges in convincing advertisers to convert to a new currency.