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Nov 14, 2022

Agency of the Year 2022 shortlist: Southeast Asia

See the shortlist for the Southeast Asia region in the 2021 Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year awards.

Agency of the Year 2022 shortlist: Southeast Asia
Category Agency  Market ID
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Creative Agency of the Year ADA Cambodia SE01.386608
Blink Myanmar SE01.383278
ERA Myanmar SE01.383247
Mango Tango Asia Cambodia SE01.385100
Marketing Solutions Asia Cambodia SE01.383732
Indonesia Creative Agency of the Year Dentsu Creative Indonesia SE02.386459
Leo Burnett Indonesia SE02.383842
M&C Saatchi Indonesia Indonesia SE02.385542
Ogilvy Indonesia Indonesia SE02.385408
Pantarei Indonesia SE02.384770
Malaysia Creative Agency of the Year FCB SHOUT Malaysia SE03.384317
Leo Burnett Malaysia SE03.384023
M&C Saatchi (M) Malaysia SE03.383820
Mediabrands Content Studios Malaysia SE03.384339
VMLY&R MALAYSIA Malaysia SE03.384312
Philippines Creative Agency of the Year Dentsu Jayme Syfu Philippines SE04.386158
Leo Burnett Manila Philippines SE04.383920
Ogilvy Manila Philippines SE04.383976
TBWA\SMP Philippines SE04.384786
Singapore Creative Agency of the Year Leo Burnett Singapore SE05.384036
McCann Worldgroup Singapore SE05.385522
Ogilvy Singapore Singapore SE05.383769
TBWA\Group Singapore Singapore SE05.384838
The Secret Little Agency Singapore SE05.384646
VaynerMedia APAC Singapore SE05.383762
Thailand Creative Agency of the Year Leo Burnett Thailand Thailand SE06.383286
Ogilvy Thailand Thailand SE06.384483
SOUR Bangkok Thailand SE06.383975
TBWA Thailand Thailand SE06.382704
Wolf BKK Thailand SE06.384521
Vietnam Creative Agency of the Year HAPPINESS SAIGON Vietnam SE07.384852
Leo Burnett Vietnam SE07.383979
Ogilvy Vietnam Vietnam SE07.385532
Publicis Vietnam Vietnam SE07.384430
VMLY&R Vietnam SE07.383898
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Digital Agency of the Year ADA Cambodia SE08.386508
Blink Myanmar SE08.383277
Marketing Solutions Asia Cambodia SE08.383731
Moblaze Cambodia SE08.385048
Indonesia Digital Agency of the Year ADA Indonesia SE09.386124
Leo Burnett Indonesia SE09.383843
Mindshare Indonesia Indonesia SE09.384486
Redcomm Indonesia Indonesia SE09.383984
Wavemaker Indonesia SE09.386154
Malaysia Digital Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE10.385186
Digitas Malaysia SE10.384024
Mediabrands Content Studios Malaysia SE10.384340
Mindshare Group Malaysia SE10.384197
PHD Media (M) Malaysia SE10.385867
Philippines Digital Agency of the Year Dentsu Jayme Syfu Philippines SE11.385473
Mindshare Philippines Philippines SE11.384309
NuWorks Interactive Labs Philippines SE11.384842
Ogilvy Manila Philippines SE11.383977
Propel Manila Philippines SE11.384690
TBWA\SMP Philippines SE11.384790
Singapore Digital Agency of the Year Mindshare Singapore Singapore SE12.384284
MRM Singapore SE12.385524
Ogilvy Singapore Singapore SE12.383844
TBWA\Group Singapore Singapore SE12.384837
VMLY&R Singapore SE12.384451
Thailand Digital Agency of the Year dentsu X (Thailand)  Thailand SE13.386527
dotMATTERS Thailand SE13.386052
MEDIACOM Thailand SE13.384624
Mindshare Thailand SE13.384626
Ogilvy Thailand Thailand SE13.384484
Vietnam Digital Agency of the Year Digitas Vietnam Vietnam SE14.383982
MediaCom Vietnam Vietnam SE14.384392
Mindshare Vietnam SE14.384729
Moblaze Vietnam SE14.385051
Ogilvy Vietnam Vietnam SE14.385554
T&A OGILVY VIETNAM Vietnam SE14.383855
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Independent Agency of the Year ADA Cambodia SE15.386607
Blink Myanmar SE15.383288
ERA Myanmar SE15.383250
Mango Tango Asia Cambodia SE15.385104
Indonesia Independent Agency of the Year &friends Indonesia SE16.383939
ADA Indonesia SE16.386130
GOODSTUPH Indonesia SE16.385380
Pantarei Indonesia SE16.386525
Redcomm Indonesia Indonesia SE16.383950
Malaysia Independent Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE17.385168
Ampersand Advisory Malaysia SE17.386380
Kingdom Digital Solutions Malaysia SE17.386075
Philippines Independent Agency of the Year ADA Philippines SE18.386187
NuWorks Interactive Labs Philippines SE18.384843
Propel Manila Philippines SE18.384691
Seven A.D. Philippines SE18.385534
The Huddle Room Philippines SE18.384379
Singapore Independent Agency of the Year Aiken Digital Singapore SE19.383125
Click2View Singapore SE19.386226
GOODSTUPH Singapore SE19.385365
GOVT Singapore Singapore SE19.385898
The Secret Little Agency Singapore SE19.384648
Thailand Independent Agency of the Year ADA Thailand SE20.385165
ANGA Bangkok Digital Agency Thailand SE20.382609
dotMATTERS Thailand SE20.386058
GGWP Bangkok Thailand SE20.384010
GOODSTUPH Thailand SE20.385378
Vietnam Independent Agency of the Year Climax Vietnam SE21.384727
HAPPINESS SAIGON Vietnam SE21.384855
Moblaze Vietnam SE21.385053
PMAX Vietnam SE21.384182
RED2 Digital Vietnam SE21.385466
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar Media Agency of the Year ADA Cambodia SE22.386609
Marketing Solutions Asia Cambodia SE22.383730
Indonesia Media Agency of the Year ADA Indonesia SE23.386139
dentsu X Indonesia Indonesia SE23.384653
M&C Saatchi Performance Indonesia SE23.385230
Mindshare Indonesia Indonesia SE23.384499
Wavemaker Indonesia SE23.386125
Malaysia Media Agency of the Year dentsu X (Malaysia) Malaysia SE24.384553
Mindshare Malaysia Malaysia SE24.384199
OMD (M)  Malaysia SE24.385926
PHD Media (M)  Malaysia SE24.385877
Universal McCann Malaysia SE24.384415
Philippines Media Agency of the Year Initiative Philippines SE25.385364
Mindshare Philippines Philippines SE25.384307
Touch XDA Philippines SE25.385614
UM Philippines Philippines SE25.385386
Wavemaker Philippines Philippines SE25.385057
Zenith Philippines SE25.384110
Singapore Media Agency of the Year Havas Media Singapore SE26.383819
Initiative Singapore SE26.385569
MediaCom Singapore SE26.385032
Mindshare Singapore Singapore SE26.384283
OMD Singapore Singapore SE26.384825
Starcom Singapore SE26.384072
Thailand Media Agency of the Year dentsu X (Thailand)  Thailand SE27.386517
Initiative Thailand SE27.385019
MEDIACOM Thailand SE27.384620
Mindshare Thailand SE27.384625
Wavemaker Thailand SE27.384619
Zenith Thailand SE27.383293
Vietnam Media Agency of the Year MediaCom Vietnam Vietnam SE28.384391
Mindshare Vietnam SE28.384728
OMD Vietnam Vietnam SE28.384899
Wavemaker Vietnam Vietnam SE28.385991
Zenith Vietnam SE28.383981
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar PR Agency of the Year To be announced
Indonesia PR Agency of the Year Edelman Indonesia SE30.385782
Hill+Knowlton Strategies Indonesia SE30.384133
Ogilvy Indonesia Indonesia SE30.385379
Malaysia PR Agency of the Year Edelman Malaysia SE31.385900
Ogilvy Malaysia Malaysia SE31.385584
Philippines PR Agency of the Year MullenLowe MARC Philippines SE32.383133
Ogilvy PR & Influence Philippines Philippines SE32.383980
PAGEONE Philippines SE32.384991
PRIXM Philippines SE32.384185
Ripple8 Philippines SE32.385832
The EON Group Philippines SE32.385439
Singapore PR Agency of the Year DeVries Global Singapore SE33.386063
Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore Singapore SE33.386301
Redhill Singapore SE33.385742
Tate Anzur Singapore SE33.385951
WE Singapore Singapore SE33.385515
Thailand PR Agency of the Year To be announced
Vietnam PR Agency of the Year EDELMAN  Vietnam SE35.383465
MSL Vietnam SE35.386577
T&A OGILVY VIETNAM Vietnam SE35.383856
Tequila\ by TBWA Vietnam SE35.386480
Category Agency  Brand  Market ID
Southeast Asia Agency Marketer Partnership of the Year dentsu Singapore NCS Singapore SE36.384829
Leo Burnett Mondelez International Indonesia SE36.385801
M&C Saatchi Performance Grab Singapore SE36.385233
Ogilvy Indonesia,Wunderman Thompson Indonesia MILO Indonesia SE36.385367
Ogilvy Singapore, Ogilvy Malaysia Mondelēz International Singapore SE36.385256
Category Agency  Market ID
Southeast Asia B2B Marketing Agency of the Year Aiken Digital Singapore SE37.383105
MRM Singapore SE37.385525
Ogilvy Singapore Singapore SE37.383825
The Huddle Room Philippines SE37.384382
Southeast Asia B2C Marketing Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE38.385173
CJ WORX and Spore Bangkok Thailand SE38.385759
PMAX Vietnam SE38.384186
Southeast Asia Best Culture dentsu Singapore Singapore SE39.384824
Havas Ortega Group Philippines Philippines SE39.384742
IDEASXMACHINA Philippines SE39.384146
M&C Saatchi Performance Singapore SE39.384929
Ogilvy Vietnam Vietnam SE39.385596
Propel Manila Philippines SE39.384962
Southeast Asia Best Place to Work Initiative Thailand SE40.385021
Propel Manila Philippines SE40.384961
Publicis Groupe Philippines Philippines SE40.383951
R/GA Media Group Singapore SE40.383916
TBWA\ Singapore Singapore SE40.384833
Southeast Asia Boutique Agency of the Year &friends Indonesia SE41.385350
Bud Communications Singapore SE41.383272
Hyper Buzzle Philippines SE41.384389
SOUR Bangkok Thailand SE41.383972
Zorba Group Singapore SE41.384812
Southeast Asia Brand Design Agency of the Year Anak Singapore SE42.384647
DxD KL Malaysia SE42.383545
R/GA Media Group Singapore SE42.383914
Southeast Asia Brand Experience Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE43.385175
INVNT SINGAPORE Singapore SE43.386035
Jack Morton Worldwide Singapore SE43.385312
R/GA Media Group Singapore SE43.383915
SOUR Bangkok Thailand SE43.383973
Southeast Asia Data Analytics Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE44.385184
Edelman Data & Intelligence Singapore SE44.384005
Merkle Indonesia Indonesia SE44.384108
The Huddle Room Philippines SE44.384386
UM APAC Singapore SE44.385270
Southeast Asia Consultancy of the Year ADA Malaysia SE45.385179
GrowthOps Asia Malaysia SE45.385219
Initiative Malaysia Malaysia SE45.384492
RICE Communications Singapore SE45.384157
UM APAC Singapore SE45.385265
Southeast Asia Content Marketing Agency of the Year INCA Singapore SE46.384360
M&C Saatchi Indonesia Indonesia SE46.385866
Mediabrands Content Studio Malaysia SE46.386009
Propel Manila Philippines SE46.384956
TBWA\Singapore Singapore SE46.384834
Southeast Asia Customer Engagement Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE47.385181
GrowthOps Asia Malaysia SE47.385805
Knock Consulting Thailand SE47.384078
The Huddle Room Philippines SE47.384385
Southeast Asia E-commerce Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE48.385180
dentsu Indonesia Indonesia SE48.384654
Ogilvy Singapore SE48.383821
PMAX Vietnam SE48.384183
RED2 Digital Vietnam SE48.385454
Southeast Asia Event Marketing Agency of the Year IdeaFactory Advertising Cambodia SE49.384236
INVNT SINGAPORE Singapore SE49.386304
Southeast Asia Influencer Marketing Agency of the Year dentsu Indonesia Indonesia SE50.384652
INCA Singapore SE50.384362
MEDIABRANDS CONTENT STUDIO Thailand Thailand SE50.385514
T&A OGILVY VIETNAM Vietnam SE50.384114
The Huddle Room Philippines SE50.385797
Southeast Asia Integrated Marketing Agency of the Year McCann Worldgroup Singapore SE51.385528
Ogilvy Singapore Singapore SE51.383823
Propel Manila Philippines SE51.384958
TBWA\Group Singapore Singapore SE51.384835
TBWA\SMP Philippines SE51.384794
Southeast Asia Market Research Agency of the Year 2CV Singapore SE52.385962
BRAND-Y Philippines SE52.384191
Edelman Data & Intelligence Singapore SE52.384004
Milieu Insight Singapore SE52.386504
Southeast Asia Performance Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE53.385176
iProspect Indonesia SE53.384670
M&C Saatchi Performance Singapore SE53.385232
RED2 Digital Vietnam SE53.385459
Reprise Digital Singapore SE53.384914
Southeast Asia Production Company of the Year Elesi Studios Philippines SE54.384751
FART: Visibles & Final Art Production Philippines SE54.384189
Prodigious Singapore SE54.384025
Sweetshop Asia Thailand SE54.385520
Tag Singapore SE54.384136
Southeast Asia Programmatic Agency of the Year iProspect Indonesia SE55.384671
Publicis Media - Precision Singapore SE55.384120
Xaxis Singapore SE55.384349
Southeast Asia Social Media Agency of the Year BRILLIANT & MILLION Thailand SE56.383273
GOODSTUPH Singapore SE56.385387
M&C Saatchi Indonesia Indonesia SE56.385870
Ogilvy Singapore SE56.386394
Propel Manila Philippines SE56.384959
Southeast Asia Specialist Agency of the Year ADA Malaysia SE57.385185
Southeast Asia Specialist Agency of the Year GOODSTUPH Singapore SE57.385389
M&C Saatchi Performance Singapore SE57.385231
Prodigious Singapore SE57.384026
Zorba Group Singapore SE57.384816
Southeast Asia Talent Development Program of the Year dentsu Singapore Singapore SE58.384924
IDEASXMACHINA Philippines SE58.384161
Ogilvy Vietnam Vietnam SE58.385602
Propel Manila Philippines SE58.384960
TBWA\Singapore Singapore SE58.384836
Category Agency  Nominee/Team Market ID
Southeast Asia Account Person of the Year Propel Manila AJ Marquez Philippines SE59.384747
Wavemaker Singapore Belinda Goh Singapore SE59.383809
Spark Foundry Philippines Grace Banguis-Certeza Philippines SE59.384134
Primal Malaysia Liew Shu Wen Malaysia SE59.384175
Dentsu X Siang Yew Neo Singapore SE59.385183
Southeast Asia Agency Head of the Year M&C Saatchi Indonesia Anish Daryani Indonesia SE60.385874
Publicis Groupe Ian Loon Singapore SE60.384094
Propel Manila JC Valenzuela Philippines SE60.384739
Publicis Groupe Neil Hudspeth Malaysia SE60.384029
FCB SHOUT Shaun Tay Malaysia SE60.384318
Wavemaker Singapore Zachary Lim Singapore SE60.383810
Southeast Asia Channel/Engagement Planner of the Year Digitas Grace Loh Malaysia SE61.386119
IDEASXMACHINA Jade "Jedd" Ilagan Philippines SE61.384216
Publicis Media Kanokrat Bovorn Thailand SE61.383295
dentsu X Nadya Vellesya Indonesia SE61.386370
Southeast Asia Corporate Communications/Marketing Team of the Year No Shortlist
Southeast Asia Creative Person of the Year Ogilvy Malaysia Jaz Lee Malaysia SE63.385623
Ogilvy Singapore Pte Ltd Nicolas Courant Singapore SE63.384073
Propel Manila Raymund Sison Philippines SE63.384744
Leo Burnett Sharim Gubbels Singapore SE63.385463
VaynerMedia APAC VJ Anand Singapore SE63.383770
Southeast Asia New Business Development Team of the Year M&C Saatchi Indonesia Accelerators of Commerce - Dyah Ariani, Elki Hendria, Dami Sidharta, Anish Daryani Indonesia SE64.385876
Publicis Media APAC Asia Growth Team Singapore SE64.386431
FCB SHOUT FCB SHOUT Leadership Team Malaysia SE64.384369
Mindshare Group Mindshare Group, New Business Team Malaysia SE64.386477
Southeast Asia New Business Development Person of the Year Zenith Piyee Wong Malaysia SE64.384030
Southeast Asia Producer of the Year dentsu X Denny Tjeris Indonesia SE65.386383
Elesi Studios Earl Guico Philippines SE65.384749
Prodigious Rom Castillo Singapore SE65.386443
Southeast Asia Strategic/Brand Planner of the Year Ogilvy Singapore Frederick Tong Singapore SE66.383847
UM APAC Grace Espinoza Singapore SE66.385282
IDEASXMACHINA Group of Hakuhodo Jade "Jedd" Ilagan Philippines SE66.384215
Dentsu Creative Vietnam Lo Hong Linh Vietnam SE66.384708
Publicis Groupe Oliver Spalding Singapore SE66.386545
Southeast Asia Young Achiever of the Year IDEASXMACHINA Ara Patricia "Rrrr" Barria Philippines SE67.384224
Leo Burnett Manila Ciara Baello Philippines SE67.384576
Ogilvy Malaysia Jaz Lee Malaysia SE67.385628
Leo Burnett Thailand Nuttapol Yamkaweetrakul Thailand SE67.383297
PG ONE at Publicis Groupe Sophie Ow Si En Singapore SE67.385719
BRILLIANT & MILLION Vibhu Harnvarakiat Thailand SE67.383284
Southeast Asia Young Business Leader of the Year dentsu X (Thailand) Arin Phummarin Thailand SE68.386538
WE Singapore Ayden Ong Singapore SE68.385552
Ogilvy Indonesia Fernando Sarael Indonesia SE68.384116
IDEASXMACHINA  Jade "Jedd" Ilagan Philippines SE68.384227
Leo Burnett Michelle Whitesides Singapore SE68.386305
Category Brand  Market  ID
Southeast Asia Marketer of the Year To be announced
Southeast Asia Brand of the Year McDonald's Singapore SE70.384139
MILO Indonesia SE70.385372

Note: In categories with three or fewer entries, the judging scores will decide whether an entry is awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze. In cases where there are fewer entries in the category, judges will unanimously decide whether there should be a shortlist and/or whether any trophies should be awarded at the second round of judging.

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