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Apr 15, 2024

The Scott Calorie Absorber Pro converts a kitchen staple into a wellness tool

The clever campaign reimagines the humble drying towel as a mighty health supplement in a bid to tackle Malaysia's growing obesity epidemic.

Ogilvy Malaysia has launched a new campaign for Kimberly Clark's Scott Kitchen Towel, branded as "The Calorie Absorber Pro." This initiative introduces a twist to the health and wellness market by transforming the ordinary kitchen towel into a health-oriented product.

Malaysia, with its rich culinary traditions, faces a significant public health challenge: It's ranked as the most obese country in Southeast Asia according to the World Obesity Atlas 2023.

So, amongst a plethora of dietary supplements that are already flooding the market with promises of quick health fixes, Scott has identified a creative opportunity to engage consumers in a healthier lifestyle through reimagining a staple household item: The humble kitchen towel.

Most traditionally used for drying and cleaning, the campaign, which includes a film, rebrands the towels as the ultimate fitness friend, taking a leaf out of supplement advertising by citing the product is free from preservatives and artificial flavors, and claims it absorbs up to 127 calories per sheet. The ad presents the towels in a slick, protein-container style packaging, with a matte black finish and a font and design emulating a classic health supplement exterior.

The aim is to change consumer perceptions by presenting the kitchen towel not just as a tool for cleaning, but as a key part of managing your diet.

In addition to the physical rebranding, Ogilvy Malaysia has also collaborated with Muscle Mania for key retail activations. The campaign has also been supported by fitness influencers who demonstrated the product's use and shared testimonials on how it integrates into their health regimes. 

Campaign's take: The campaign scores big points for creativity, given its novel concept. A change in packaging adds an extra layer of appeal too, bringing it to life in a tangible way that can't be matched by a video alone. The familiar sight of classic black health supplement containers and protein boxes on supermarket shelves is one every consumer has come across at some point in their grocery shopping journey, so this takes on a new twist with a kitchen towel branded in a similar fashion—it will certainly pique interest. The placement of these towels in supermarkets could influence the campaign's effectiveness though; being prominently displayed in the health section could be crucial for the impact they're aiming for.

A caveat to the campaign is also the claim of 127 calories absorbed per sheet, which is marked to be based on an in-house standard test method with corn oil. This raises some questions about the product's claimed overall effectiveness in other circumstances. Whether it straddles the line between gimmicky and effective, only the consumer feedback on this campaign will be able to tell. Kudos to the team however, for their innovative approach and to Kimberly Clark for daring to experiment this way.


Creative agency: Ogilvy Malaysia
Chief creative officer: Adrian Miller
Executive creative director: Jaz Lee
Creative director: Wendy Chiu
Senior art director: Lim Chia Wei
Art director: Jing Han Liew
Junior copywriter: Rudy Tan
Group account director: Coco Carreon
Senior account manager: Lilyan Chee
Strategy director: Sarthak Ranka
AV producer: SengTuck Loo

Production house: Directors Think Tank
Executive producer: Pat Singh
Film director: Aiman Aliff
Producer: Benedict Lazaroo
DOP: Kelvin Soo
Art department: Jesjin & Devan
Production interns: Sya & Mashi
Equipment: TankQuip
Offline editor: Kim
Online: Tank3
Audio: Tank Music

Animation house: SEQ
CG animation & motion graphics: Boey Chuew Wai
3D modeling & blocking: Vkhoon Tee
Animator director: Albert Chew


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