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May 10, 2017

South Korean candidate slays with Overwatch ad

She didn't win the presidency, but Sim Sang-jung made an impression on gamers with a video styled on an Overwatch 'play of the game' clip.

Ad Nut salutes the people of South Korea for peacefully demanding and obtaining a lawful and orderly transition of power, from an apparently corrupt regime to a new president. Here's wishing Moon Jae-In the best of luck leading his great country.

(Ad Nut also fervently hopes to see a similar scenario play out in the United States.) 

That said, if the South Korean election had been a contest based on advertising alone, Ad Nut would have voted for Sim Sang-jung, who offered up the above: a clever homage to a so-called 'play of the game' clip for the popular first-person-shooter game Overwatch.

Hat tip to Gamespot.

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