Private View: Sacriligious lamb, condom training and a chatty bus

Creatives from MullenLowe, The Purpose Group and BBH react to ads from Meat & Livestock Australia, Okamoto and Hyundai.

In episode two of Campaign's long-running 'Private View' feature in its new 'reaction video' format, we asked three industry experts to record themselves reacting to three recent ads:

  • Ang Sheng Jin, MullenLowe Singapore creative director 
  • Kit Ong, The Purpose Group chief creative officer and partner 
  • Aste Gutierrez, BBH Singapore creative director

First on the menu is Meat and Livestock Australia's 'You Never Lamb Alone' ad, which mixed marketing and religion.

"It is work that takes an open and tolerant society to conceptualise, sell and produce," said Ong. "And to be accepted. I watched it until the end to satisfy my curiosity but I was not sure what to think of that open and tolerant society needing such an idea to sell lamb."

This being a "sensitive topic that could be polarising", marketers will notice MullenLowe's Ang preferring to steer clear of them. 

Next up is a slightly bizarre dish by Okamoto's 'Condom Training Camp', really a parody-ad of Billy's Bootcamp that was popular among Japanese in the 2000s.
Ong considers himself having "a good sense of humour (perhaps of a drier variety)" but did not find the series of condom tutorials funny. "As an audience (maybe not the intended audience) I felt impatient enough to fast-forward the content, and finally to skip watching the rest entirely." 
Lesson to his creative peers: Consumers all have the power to fast-forward or skip content on most media platforms so the work put out there needs to be fresh and relevant, said Ong, otherwise "people will exercise their power to ignore it". 
Lastly, our Private Viewers watched the 'Chatty School Bus Project', from South Korea, a market that has been producing tech-based advertising for a while. 

In summary, for branded and entertainment content ideas, Ang is all for "a certain rhythm, tempo and climax" in them.

Also, "ideas that seem familiar should be avoided, even if executed in a different medium. Because anything ‘done before’ can stop good from being great,” he shared.



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