Surekha Ragavan
Mar 8, 2021

Mid-level female creatives don't feel 'heard'

This International Women's Day, we ask mid-level female creatives in the region what their biggest pain points are working in a male-dominated field.

This International Women’s Day, we ask a handful of mid-level creatives in the region about their biggest pain points in the industry. Across the board, they said that their voices were not being properly heard and championed, and they often have to fight for attention in meetings and in decision-making spaces. Not being taken seriously is a universal problem for women and other minority genders, and if prolonged, agencies could begin to lose diverse talent, leading to a dearth in creativity. 

If you are a mid-level or junior creative of a minority gender, please send your thoughts this way or send an email (anonymously if you prefer) to surekha.ragavan [at]

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