Adrian Peter Tse
Aug 27, 2015

Hong Kong’s YouTube gamers talk advertising

HONG KONG – Online gaming influencers Jason and EdwardSlime talk to Campaign Asia about the growth of gaming in Hong Kong as well as ad-blindness, marketing to gamers, and reaching a new generation in Hong Kong.

While the growth of gaming in Hong Kong has been slower than other Asian countries such as Korea and Japan, Jason (Jason Chau) and EdwardSlime (Edward Sin) have noticed the gaming scene pick up locally in recent times.

This has opened up the opportunity for online creators to make videos relating to game play and game culture as well as build audiences.

“The growth of gaming in Hong Kong in the last year has been more than the last ten years,” said Jason, who started his YouTube channel two years ago. “People are seeing not just the entertainment value of games but the ability to make money from it.”

EdwardSlime also started as a gaming YouTuber but has since launched his own company producing casual mobile games as well. He is able to use his audience to drive downloads of his own games.

As mobile gaming takes off however, the methods of advertising and marketing to gaming audiences remain primitive. Watch the video for more.

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