Matthew Miller
Mar 4, 2015

AIA brings mom's cooking (and mom) to young people living abroad

KOREA - Continuing to exercise its 'Real-life company' positioning, AIA has cooked up a special surprise for some young Koreans living in Australia, in an online video that has recorded more than 3.5 million YouTube views.

Client: AIA Korea

Agency: Innored

Market: Korea

Campaign scope: Online video, filmed in Australia, featuring several young people who suddenly find themselves eating familiar food using familiar dinnerware and then learn that the food was cooked by very familiar chef. 

Press release quote: "There are young people called ‘WorHolers’ (WorHolers: The young people who work and study overseas at the same time in pursuit of their dreams. The nickname derives from the ‘Working Holiday’ visa issued to them. Australia, where this video was filmed, is the most popular destination for Korean WorHolers). They live lonely lives abroad in pursuit of their dreams.…To cheer up tough lives and to make their heart warm, we prepared a special gift to these dreaming youth."

Campaign Asia Pacific's comments: We've seen so many tearjerker videos on behalf of insurance companies in recent times that it's becoming a cliché. But what can we say? It can still work. Here, in contrast to the scripted dramas in the links above, AIA and Innored use a reality-based approach. As usual, we're not exactly sure how real it is, because we're not told why the young people thought they were being interviewed and then brought to an odd location to eat. Nevertheless, their reactions are genuine and genuinely touching, which presumably leaves people feeling warm and fuzzy toward the company.

Previously: AIA launched its 'Real-life company' positioning in 2013. Innored has made interesting reality-like videos for The North Face and Amore Pacific.


Innored prefers to credit "All Innored associates" rather than individuals.



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