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Mar 16, 2023

A new tourism campaign tells influencers to... uninfluence

But AdNut wonders if Esperance Tourism really wants you to uninfluence or influence by uninfluencing?

Ad Nut cannot imagine how humans deal with their always-on city life. Not only do they live through its stresses, they even document most parts of it on their phones and put it on social media for others to watch it over and over again.

Phew! Just the thought of the monstrous traffic jams and the number of humans pushing and shoving (okay, not literally) to make their way through the daily grind, is exhausting.

In the face of such a sad depiction, allow your thoughts to wander to the pristine beaches, rugged mountains, spectacular sunsets and the clean air of a tiny coastal town in Western Australia called Esperance.

Esperance has it all. It's the 12th most lovable destination on the entire planet. And late recommendation here, but if humans ever go through another pandemic, Down Under is perhaps the best place to isolate. Not just for the surreal natural beauty, but also for the wisdom of their fellow humans, evidenced by a new tourism campaign for Esperance by 303 MullenLowe and Mediahub Perth. The campaign invites Western Australia’s leading influencers on a stay and tells them to not… influence. 'Don’t capture photos; make memories in your heart'.

Oh, the shock of staring at attractions with bare eyes instead of a lens. Unsettling. But if one can get past the nightmare of being on a holiday without documenting it, the concept is invigorating. Or rather calming. Asking influencers to take a back seat for a moment and uninfluence… AdNut likes the ring of it. 

But Ad Nut is skeptical about the sincerity of the message.

If the film is really about disconnecting to reconnect and uninfluencing, are social media numbers not a part of the campaign KPIs? Unlikely.

So Esperance, in essence, is saying that if you’re sick of being an influencer, then uninfluence to do what?



Australia’s Golden Outback  
CEO - Marcus Falconer
Marketing Manager - Kelly Leonard 

303 MullenLowe: 
Managing Director - René Migliore 
Executive Creative Director - Richard Berney
Head of Planning - John Linton
Art Director - Stephen Hansen
Copyrighter - Zosia Kilpatrick
Designer - Alby Furfaro 
Head of Production- Johnathan Julius 
Business Director- Imogen Prevost 

Mediahub Perth:
General Manager - Kylie Macey 
Media Manager - Meg Handley 
Media Coordinator- Olivia Ritzen 

Frank Carroll - Director & Editor
Justin Griffiths - DOP & Sound Operator
Jonathan Reyes - A.E Artist
Johnathan Julius – Line Producer
Mike Fragomeni – Sound Engineer / Audio Post   

With thanks to:
Zak Hasleby
Rahnee Bransby
Ian Mickel- Esperance Shire President
Fiona Shillington- Esperance Chalet Village
Christopher Hurst- Fly Esperance
Isabel Trueny – Aunt Joan’s Dolly mix (Vollie)
Graham Gath – Graham Gath Surveys
Jamien Hudson – Esperance Island Cruises
Caitlyn Edwards – Esperance Distillery Co. 

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