Aug 2, 2021

Tiffany tarnishes itself with a vapid, unoriginal, insulting campaign

RANT OF THE WEEK: If you'd asked a high school advertising class to come up with a campaign to "youthify" the Tiffany brand, this is exactly the shit they'd come up with, writes The Ad Contrarian.

Jun 20, 2021

Did LVMH break Tiffany by turning it yellow?

LVMH is changing Tiffany’s by appointing new board executives and turning its iconic blue to yellow. Will these changes work for the American jeweller?

Nov 27, 2019

LVMH buying Tiffany for US$16.2 billion: brand implications

"There is great potential for Tiffany in China" says LVMH chairman.

Aug 28, 2019

Bringing back the bling: Luxury brands on the rise in Singapore

Experience and accessibility the key to Singaporeans rekindling their love for the finer stuff.

Jul 15, 2019

How Tiffany’s China strategy combats economic turbulence

A chat with the company's CEO Alessandro Bogliolo on Tiffany's upcoming Shanghai exhibition, the trade war, and the brand’s overall strategies in China.

Apr 23, 2018

You've got the CEO's ear... and nose too

Congratulations brand marketers. The C-suite is paying more attention to you thanks to all your shiny data. Now the pressure’s on.