Nov 14, 2016

Photos: Land Rovers on a world-record seesaw

A promotion in Shanghai set an official record and attracted 23 million streaming views.

Jaguar Land Rover, with brand activation and event management company Pico TBA Consulting Group, achieved an official Guinness World Record for the longest vehicle seesaw/teeter totter: an impressive 25.077 metres (82 feet, 3 inches).

The display, which took place in August at the Shanghai Expo Celebration Square, was viewed by about 30,000 people on site and more than 23 million online views of a video live stream, according to the agency.

The team spent two months working with structural engineers on the seesaw, which was 45 feet off the ground and balanced a Jaguar Land Rover Evoque Convertible on one side and an Evoque Hardtop on the other.

The five-week campaign integrated both above- and below-the-line elements including a live vote on Sina Weibo which was displayed live on an LED screen at the top of the seesaw. The seesaw moved according to which car got more votes. The Evoque Hardtop ‘won’ the poll with 16,789 votes.

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