Jun 10, 2010

VIDEO: Ogilvy & Mather's Miles Young on Asia's emerging markets and more

Miles Young, worldwide CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, returns to Asia and discusses the challenges and opportunities of the region's emerging markets, its new Muslim consumers and the continuing appeal of China.

Miles Young
Miles Young
The main challenge, he says, is to take advantage of emerging markets but to do so without “catching a cold”. Young adds that agencies need to learn to be patient and to grow with the clients in these markets. Investing early on can also give a distinct advantage, with Young pointing to the example of Pakistan, which Ogilvy entered three year’s ago. “That’s a market that many agencies dismissed as being too difficult,” he says, adding that Ogilvy has since experienced high growth rates.

In a similar vein, Young also discusses the importance of Muslim consumers in the region - the idea behind the recently launched Ogilvy Noor practice - especially in emerging markets such as Indonesia, Bangladesh and again Pakistan. “There are things about brands that can be off-putting to Muslim consumers and equally techniques of branding that they can be very responsive to,” he says.

Finally, Young touches on the attraction of the Chinese advertising market. It is, he points out, a market that is barely 15 years old and is far from saturated in terms of both goods and lower tier markets. “This is to my mind exciting,” he concludes.

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