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Oct 20, 2023

Tech MVP 2023: Vonage

MOST VALUABLE PRODUCT: Positioning itself as a pioneering force in the marketplace, Vonage’s Conversational Commerce, powered by, has revolutionised the commerce landscape.

Tech MVP 2023: Vonage
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Conversational Commerce

By Vonage

Tech MVP’s 2023 panel of judges were impressed by how AI-powered and Vonage-owned's Conversational Commerce has intricately woven dynamic conversations into the transactional fabric, offering a level of personalisation traditional e-commerce cannot emulate.

Conversational Commerce stands distinguished with its omnichannel engagement strategy, ensuring cohesive interactions across various digital platforms. Moreover, the platform’s automation capabilities simplify the purchase journey, completing transactions without leaving the messaging platform. 

Embedded commerce within conversations establishes Vonage as a leader in interactive shopping experiences. The platform's partnerships with global giants such as Kiehl’s, Unilever, and Samsung accentuate its credibility and expansive reach.

The core measure of Vonage's success revolves around the "Engagement-to-Transaction Conversion Rate (ETCR)," a metric underscoring the platform's potency in converting interactions into meaningful transactions. An ascending ETCR testifies to Vonage's efficacy in bridging communication and commerce, symbolising the confluence of convenience and customisation.

For example, collaborations with Kiehl’s Malaysia and L’Oreal have demonstrated the platform's adaptability and impact. With Kiehl’s, Vonage facilitated 30% more qualified leads, a testament to its prowess. Similarly, L'Oreal's livestream collaboration garnered over 17,000 chats daily, marking a staggering 4x uptick in daily sales.

The panel commended the platform's innovative approach, with judge Sonal Patel appreciating the ETCR metric's clarity, and remarking on Kiehl's Malaysia example as evidence of impactful tech utilisation. 

Despite seeking more insights into scalability, judge Seow Ping Tan lauded the strategic advantage of the platform. Meanwhile, fellow judge Agnisha Ghosh praised the platform's application of AI in enhancing customer experience.

Vonage Conversational Commerce powered by has paved the path for a new commerce era, seamlessly melding conversations with transactions and exemplifying innovation in the Asia-Pacific domain.

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