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Apr 11, 2024

Safari and McCann Japan give vintage clothing a storied past

A new social commerce platform aims to help pass on pre-loved treasured clothing to the next fashion generation in a meaningful way.

Safari and McCann Japan give vintage clothing a storied past
The saying goes 'clothes don’t make the man'.
Perhaps that’s open for debate, but one thing Ad Nut is sure of is that clothes definitely do not make the squirrel. Going ‘au naturel’ is one of Ad Nut’s greatest pleasures in life, made easier of course by virtue of living in the woodlands and never having to bother with them. 
However, Ad Nut can equally appreciate that for humans it’s a different story. How to choose the right clothes when there are so many options? Where to store them all? And what to do with them when they're no longer needed?
Well, Safari—a popular second-hand clothes store in Japan—seems to have the solution. They recently launched a social commerce platform called Second Life created to help pass on pre-loved treasured clothing to the next fashion generation in a meaningful way.
It aims to bridge the gap between the elderly and Gen Z by harnessing a tradition in Japan called 'shukatsu' or end-of-life decluttering, where the elderly let go of excess items. 
Selling their belongings might make the elderly feel as though they are throwing away a significant portion of their lives, which is a difficult task. Younger generations, on the other hand, cherish vintage and used goods because they are distinctive and have interesting backstories.
By combining the two, Safari and McCann Japan have developed a novel business model that offers a fresh take on the retail experience by selling older people's personal belongings along with the stories of their life.
Launched in March, Safari's online store positions clothing items as cinematic masterpieces, bringing the apparel to life by telling the special stories of each item of clothing—such as first dates and treasured moments with friendsLearning about the rich stories behind each piece of clothing also inspires the next generation to take care of and cherish their own possessions. 
Along with the item of their choice, the buyer also receives the 'story' and a postcard featuring an image inspired by the story itself. A clothing label that lists the story's emotional components is also attached to the garment.
"In the course of running our vintage store, we have had many elderly people use our service," said Yusuke Tajima of Safari. "The experience has taught us that each piece of clothing contains a story, be it the owner's memory or unique style. We felt that these stories themselves give the items value. And that is how we came to start the project. We hope that the vintage items will serve as a bridge that connects the elderly to younger generations."
The artwork for the campaign makes excellent use of these stories. The creative agency behind the campaign, McCann, interviewed elderly people about their memories related to the clothing and then used their words as prompts for an AI-generated image. 
The result is a beautifully illustrated campaign with real heart and meaning behind it. There's clearly more to clothes than meets the eye, and the campaign illustrates this superbly. It's almost made Ad Nut wish that someone would design a vintage apparel line for squirrels. But Ad Nut will most likely have to settle for getting creative with a few leaves and branches at best. 
Never mind, Safari along with McCann Japan have created a worthwhile platform and campaign, especially considering sustainability concerns around the fast-fashion industry. 
It's timely, meaningful and some of the stories are really quite moving. Perhaps clothes might end up making this squirrel after all. Watch this space.
Client: SAFARI
Agency: McCann Tokyo
Global Chief Creative Officer – McCann Worldgroup Global: Javier Campopiano
Chief Creative Officer – McCann Worldgroup APAC: Valerie Madon
Executive Creative Director – McCann Worldgroup: Kazz Ishihara
Art Director – McCann: Reika Kobayashi
Copywriter – McCann: Minako Hanzawa Strategic Planner – McCann: Emi Kimura
Account Supervisor – McCann: Atsuko Egawa
Web Design & Production– MRM: Melissa Boey
Visual AI Creator – MRM: Melissa Boey
Social Media Specialist – MRM: Siqi Li
Senior Producer – Craft: Izumi Okukawa
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