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Mar 27, 2024

Our 2023 Agency Report Cards will be out tomorrow

Campaign Asia-Pacific has once again led the most comprehensive review of 31 top APAC agency networks. Subscribe today to be able to access our unparalleled benchmarking and analysis.

Our 2023 Agency Report Cards will be out tomorrow

The red pencils are coming out!

For the 21st straight year, Campaign Asia-Pacific will review the region's top creative, media, digital and agencies,with comprehensive breakdowns and scores based on their 2023 business performance, innovation, creative output, awards, action on DEI and sustainability, and leadership.

A critical resource for brands evaluating their current and potential partnerships, as well as for agencies, looking to see how and where they stack up against peers and competitors. 

These report cards are only available to Campaign Asia subscribers. To ensure you have access to this critical resource, subscribe now.

We assess each agency network in the following categories:

  1. Business growth: We assess a combination of overall revenue, new-business revenue (using both reported figures and recorded figures from 2022 in Campaign AI's new business agency rankings using data from consultancy R3's New Business League in APAC markets, which we relied on in 2021), organic growth, profitability, client wins and losses, and diversification of revenue. 
  2. Innovation: A qualitative assessment of Asia-based initiatives and innovations based on their improvements to the agency, people, clients and industry.
  3. DEI & Sustainability: We qualitatively assess the degree of commitment to progress in both of these areas, recognising initiatives at holding group level but with more weight given to regional and local initiatives.
  4. Creativity & Effectiveness: Compelling and effective campaign work, judged qualitatively. Regional and global awards recognition is included, with higher weighting given to wins at major shows. Work demonstrative of high effectiveness for clients is also considered.
  5. Management: A qualitative assessment of leadership performance based on the four categories above plus other elements, such as key regional decisions, management stability, contributions to the industry by agency leaders, commitment to staff training and development, staff annual turnover, and more.

Most agencies kindly respond to a written submission form that asks for details across all aspects of the business. Based on this, plus extensive independent research and, in most cases, an hour in conversation with the agency's regional leader(s), Campaign Asia-Pacific's senior editors assess each agency's performance across the five grading categories, assigning a grade between 0 and 10 in each category.

Once the five category grades are assigned—and reviewed by editors—a final grade is calculated by averaging the five grades.

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