Scott Allison
Sep 7, 2023

Navigating the future of marketing and communications: Allison’s rebranding journey

Embarking on a transformative rebranding journey, Allison (fka Allison+Partners) sharpens its focus on technological innovation, creativity, global impact and the relentless pursuit of new offerings that drive meaningful impact for clients.

Navigating the future of marketing and communications: Allison’s rebranding journey
In a world marked by rapid technological advancements, evolving consumer behaviour and dynamic market landscapes, businesses face a constant challenge to adapt and thrive. As we embark on an exciting journey of our brand refresh, our agency recognises the continuing imperative to define our position in the marketing landscape. This rebranding isn't merely about a fresh coat of paint; it's about embracing the future with a renewed focus on helping our clients conquer their most complex global communication and marketing challenges.
A few years ago, we shared our vision of what the agency of the future will look like. With this rebranding, we’ve shifted our spotlight to illuminate the profound ways in which we empower our clients to overcome the day’s pressing issues. Through this lens, we’ve aligned our purpose with our clients’ needs, ensuring every endeavour we undertake is driven by a commitment to excellence.
Our new positioning echoes our dedication to being a catalyst for innovation and transformation. We’re not just solving problems; we’re designing real-world products and groundbreaking approaches to measurement and storytelling that resonate in a rapidly evolving world. It’s not just about showcasing our capabilities; it’s about amplifying our impact on businesses and societies alike. Here’s a glimpse of how our repositioning strategy will set the stage for our agency’s future success:
Agency Solutions:
At the heart of our rebrand is a profound shift toward more focused client solutions to help navigate today’s business challenges. We see the new realities that companies are facing. From the economy, to staffing issues, supply chain disruptions to ESG priorities, we help clients stay at the forefront of their business needs. Every approach we take is thoughtfully crafted to address the unique challenges faced by our clients. By immersing ourselves in our clients’ issues, we transcend the boundaries of conventional marketing, emerging as problem solvers and trusted partners.
Excellence Through Commitment:
Excellence is not an aspiration; it’s our commitment. Our agency’s ethos is rooted in a dedication to both our clients and our team. This commitment fuels our drive to deliver top-tier results, foster creativity and cultivate strategic thinking that propels us beyond the ordinary.
Efficiency and Innovation:
Our investment in cutting-edge technology fortifies our creative capabilities. By streamlining operational efficiencies, we liberate more time for ideation, strategy and personalised client service. This technological edge empowers us to create, execute and adapt faster and more effectively.
Global Impact, Local Expertise:
Our reach extends far beyond borders, harnessing the power of a global perspective. By navigating diverse markets, cultures and landscapes, we bring a comprehensive vantage point to every project, adding depth to our solutions and expanding our clients’ horizons.
From Startup Agility to Corporate Rigour:
Our agility sets us apart, allowing us to move at the pace of a startup while maintaining the rigour demanded by today’s leading enterprises. We’re not just quantifying results; we’re defining a new standard for measurable success. We’re also owned by Stagwell (NASDAQ: STGW), one of the fastest growing and most influential marketing and communications networks in the world. Agency partners leverage Stagwell’s technology, data analytics, insights and strategic consulting solutions to drive measurable results and optimise return on marketing investment for more than 1,700 clients worldwide.
Empowering Sustainable Change:
We recognise the role brands play in shaping the world. By embracing the challenge of tackling global issues, we’re transforming brands into agents of positive change. We’re committed to driving conversations that foster meaningful, lasting and sustainable impact.
Inclusion and Diversity:
Our agency’s strength lies in our diversity, embracing varied perspectives to spark innovative solutions. We’re not just inclusive; we’re inclusive by design, harnessing the power of differences to fuel our creativity and drive.
As we unveil our new brand, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we’re stepping into the future with a resolute commitment to excellence, innovation and meaningful impact. Our agency’s solutions are not just services; they are pathways to success, strategies to create change and blueprints for navigating the dynamic marketing landscape.
As we redefine our agency’s story, we’re grounded in a shared purpose: to be at the forefront of marketing innovation. In a world that evolves faster than ever, we’re not just keeping pace; we’re shaping the trajectory of the marketing landscape and helping our clients flourish in this ever-changing world. This rebrand is not just a symbol, it’s a promise and a commitment to being the transformative force that guides our clients toward a future of endless possibilities.
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Author Bio
Scott Allison is global chairman and CEO and oversees the firm’s Global Board, while continuing to provide communications counsel to many high-profile executives and clients. He is an expert in issues management and crisis communications, presentation and media training; and is regularly called upon to speak about issues facing the public relations industry.
Andy Hardie-Brown is the co-architect of Allison. His background in building fast-growth, entrepreneurial companies — and 35 years of senior-level management experience in marketing services firms — has helped the agency gain recognition as a compelling alternative to the monolithic, holding company-owned players.


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