Ad Nut
Apr 21, 2016

Listerine aims to inspire boldness

From Singapore: ‘Bring out the bold’, for Listerine by J. Walter Thompson

Listerine aims to inspire boldness

Ad Nut’s strong, sparkly teeth draw regular compliments from human friends. But this time round, it’s Ad Nut who is impressed.

Ad Nut is a sceptical creature when it comes to videos produced by humans. But this one is backed up by a study of 6,000 people. Half of them used Listerine, and the other half didn’t. The Listerine users are apparently the bolder lot: they are more likely to skydive, volunteer, or stand up to a bully.   

Ad Nut’s hero certainly fits the profile. He wows women everywhere he goes with his strong bite. It’s not quite what you might expect. Swilling Listerine everyday apparently helps him dispose of retail tags, pull stubborn corks from bottles, and yes—even crack open nuts—all with his teeth.

He is currently demonstrating his powers in Japan, as you can see below. Other markets to have witnessed this phenomenon include Korea and Taiwan, and it will air in Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam soon.

He's viewable in English with a couple of friends at J. Walter Thompson's Singapore site

Ad Nut was of course also impressed by the chicken and crab-chomping ability female Listerine users have, but will stick to chestnuts, thank you.


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