Carter Murray
Jun 24, 2017

FCB CEO offers strong rebuke to Publicis awards policy

Carter Murray says creatives who should be celebrated have instead been let down by one of the industry's major players.

Carter Murray
Carter Murray

We are a creative agency and believe that it is our creative culture that is the engine to help clients transform their business and brands. Technology inspires us and fuels our creativity but we are NOT a technology company. And we are NOT a consultancy. We help brands and business define their purpose and bring it to life in creative ways that transform businesses and the world.

Clients come to us to find business and marketing solutions that they have not thought of. Lateral solutions that give them a competitive advantage. Human, funny, emotional, thought provoking, effective, magical solutions to real problems that they face. Creative insights into how people live in the world and why. Creative platforms that can be the fireworks and the glue that help give purpose to employees and customers alike.

The world is changing. As it always has. But people still get up in the morning and laugh and cry and yearn and love and need and care. We celebrate those who are able to see that world, but also add a twist or creative leap that adds magic to a clients’ products and business, and makes consumers fall in love with those brands. AI is a critical development, but not at the expense of human creativity.

Others seem to be jumping off the deep end and forgetting that we live and breathe by the creatives in our industry. The dreamers and imaginers that shape brands and the world they influence. Recognising them clearly should not be “put on hold” for a year because suddenly data is more important than they are.

Creative talent deserves leaders, business partners and client partners that believe in identifying and recognising the incredible contribution you make every day and year. This week you have been let down by a major company in our industry.

Please know that most of us stand beside you, feel privileged to work with you, and will always fight for, celebrate, be humble and appreciative that we get to work with you every day, to help us, our clients and others see the world through a richer lens.

Creativity is at the heart of our industry and when it no longer is we will be dead. Because then we will no longer be giving our clients what we do best: an unfair competitive advantage through the power of great brands, and great marketing, that makes a real difference in the world.

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