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Nov 4, 2015

'Day good, night bad' says Singapore Kindness Movement

From Singapore: 'SW/TCH' by SPRG for Singapore Kindness Movement

'Day good, night bad' says Singapore Kindness Movement

The Singapore Kindness Movement wants to show how small gestures can go a long way to make the world a better place.

So the organisation worked with Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) to create an interactive digital 'experience' with a double-sided video, where users could view everyday situations in a kindness-filled world and, with the touch of a key, a world full of hate and cruelty.

In the video (below), the worlds change each time the user presses ‘ALT’. 

Let Ad Nut first say that the use of the Facebook SmartPost to achieve the dual-world effect is pretty damn nifty. Nice job digital team!

But the video left Ad Nut confused over the message. Some of the alternate things happening in the dark side of the video are outright criminal in nature. Ad Nut just doesn't buy that the opposite of being nice is committing assault, stealing groceries from old ladies or fleeing the scene after running over a pedestrian with your taxi.

Also, as a nocturnal creature, Ad Nut is appalled that the gloriously soothing hours of night have been slandered as the sole domain of such nefarious goings-on. Does kindness only exist when the sun shines? 

SW/TCH - In a world where every choice you make can affect more than just your life, the power to decide outcomes lies...

Posted by Singapore Kindness Movement on Friday, 9 October 2015


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