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Apr 26, 2021

Can you spot the changes in Shangri-La's new brand identity?

REBRANDING EXERCISES: The hotel chain makes subtle tweaks to its logo upon its 50th anniversary.

Can you spot the changes in Shangri-La's new brand identity?

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has announced a refreshed brand logo that, according to the brand, "reflects the brand’s journey and evolution with its guests, while staying true to the brand roots".

Casual observers may be hard-pressed to spot the differences:

  • The 'S' mark has changed colour, taking on a golden hue that "evokes the warm glow of sunrise".
  • The typeface has been refined in a way that's meant to reflect Asian calligraphy and create a "connection to history and tradition".

In addition, the brand will forego the use of the words ‘Hotels and Resorts’ in the refreshed logo, a decision which it says recognises that "Shangri-La is more than a place, but a feeling and an experience that inspires personal moments of joy". 

Here's the new logo in English and bilingual versions, plus a detail of one of the typeface changes:

For reference, here's the old logo (two left images) and an even older incarnation (two right images) that is still in place in some locations. 

“Since our founding, Shangri-La has been known for our genuine and heartfelt care shown to guests and colleagues, hallmarks of our Asian heritage that make us unique and special to this day,” Hui Kuok, chairman of Shangri-La Group, said in a release. “We are not moving away from our core values, instead, this customer-centric approach signifies our commitment to strengthening the connection between our guests and our brand experience.”

A spokesperson said that for the identity refresh, the brand wanted to partner with someone who really understands what it means to be a great host. Following a search it connected with Marie Louise Scio, creative head at MLS Creative Hospitality, who also operates family-owned luxury hotels in Italy.

"We began our transformation journey over two years ago with a large part of the brand strategy and experience design being led internally," the spokesperson said. "The brand identity design, including the refresh of our brand and hotel logos, was also initiated last year as part of the broader evolution programme, which will be rolled out in phases across our portfolio of hotels.

"The goal was never to uproot ourselves and move away from who we are as a brand. The goal was to build on our strengths, our heritage and continue to evolve in ways that is meaningful and relevant to our guests. Our new product and experience design builds on Asian sensibilities and culture, is nature inspired and truly reflects the spirit of our destinations. This has always been our experience story – but with the rebrand we hope to bring and deliver the joys of Asia in more contemporary and authentic ways."

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