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Jun 9, 2017

9 pieces of programmatic advice every advertiser should take to heart

With consumer platforms, strategy and formats changing rapidly in response to programmatic Campaign Asia takes stock of sage advice from advertising leaders from the last year

9 pieces of programmatic advice every advertiser should take to heart
On new generational skills
 “If I think about the type of skills I’d want to hire to launch the next generation of programmatic company, it’d have three components. I’d have a great coder—that’s what it’s all about. I’d then have someone who understands machine learning and can make great sense of data. The last person I’d hire is one who understands human psychology and behavioural science. Fundamentally, when you’re marketing, you’re trying to create a connection. Computers haven’t figured out the best way to make connections. Programmatic is about execution, it’s not about strategic planning and understanding human behaviours.”
On the rise of creative programmatic
“It will become a hygiene factor for any agency to have these (programmatic) capabilities. There’s almost this reliance on data and analytics to do all the work. Whilst it’s very important, and it’s absolutely right that we have the capabilities, let’s not lose sight of the power of creativity as well when it comes to doing our job.”
“Education is currently the biggest barrier that’s impeding the rate of growth of programmatic creative. There is still a lack of knowledge within agencies about how to execute these types of campaigns. Clients have been given a false choice. It’s not an either/or between efficiency and creative integrity. They should work with tech partners that can support both.”
On a programmatic reality check
“Advertisers are literally spending billions of dollars to make the consumers hate them. When you think about that, it's just insane people are showing ads to you for things you already bought. We are trying to make it so you think about buying and media holistically, instead of a siloed media budget. A platform where you coordinate transparency in terms of what you are buying to make better decisions.”
“It’s not just about education of the market, it’s also about confidence in the solution. It’s when they run a modest trial, and the results emboldens them to do more until it becomes a main part of their strategy.”
“What happens when Smart TV, VR engagements and The Internet of Things add even more layers of complexity? How are you going to ensure a consistent measurement of the right things for your organisation? Standardised ad operations are essential in this multi-device, digital age where every cookie, device ID and exposure details matters.”
On measurements and cost
“One aspect of addresability that plays very favourably into programmatic is post-campaign analytics. Not only do we have the ability to target, we have the ability to determine what happens after the ads are run.”
“Programmatic solutions can track major global sporting events and instantly buy up ad space that sits next to news articles announcing the results and winners. Brands can reach the same audience segments targeted by official event sponsors for a fraction of the cost.”
“Fully and accurately measuring data across all devices is going to help gauge each channel’s effect on campaigns. It will be a great way to change the perspective from simple click-conversion to long-term campaign planning and measurements.”
- Tetsuya Shintani is Japan commercial director and country manager at The Trade Desk

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