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Nov 20, 2023

40 Under 40 2023: Flavien Rousé, Foodpanda

After proving his mettle in the fashion industry, Rousé is busy wielding his magic wand on the creative landscape across the Asia-Pacific region.

40 Under 40 2023: Flavien Rousé, Foodpanda
Proven leaders with path-breaking expertise

Flavien Rousé

Director of creative production (APAC) 

At the helm of Foodpanda's creative endeavours, Rousé's influence extends beyond aesthetics. His creative brilliance and transformative leadership have significantly reshaped the brand's business trajectory. Under his guidance, the brand witnessed 1000% growth in new connections on Meta platforms in Singapore, demonstrating his ability to translate creative concepts into tangible business success.

Before joining Foodpanda, Rousé's artistic journey burgeoned in France while working for brands like Bergdorf Goodman, LVMH, Sephora, Nissan and Guinness. He brought fresh ideas and crafted content that set trends on the pages of fashion firebrands.

At Foodpanda, he brought the same creative fervour and orchestrated a groundbreaking campaign featuring Naomi Watanabe in Japan that transcended typical celebrity endorsements. The strategy resulted in substantial gains in brand recognition and customer engagement. His innovation manifests in diverse forms, from crafting Foodpanda's distinctive 3D mascot to pioneering the company's inaugural sonic branding strategy.

Rousé’s leadership style is a seamless blend of visionary thinking and hands-on collaboration, fostering an environment where innovation and challenges are collectively embraced. Whether navigating the intricate world of fashion and commercial photography or steering brand transformation at Foodpanda, Rousé's journey reflects adaptability, commitment, and a consistent drive to lead from the front. 

What sets Rousé apart is not just his professional prowess but his innate ability to inspire and collaborate. Valuing input from all team members, regardless of hierarchy, he ensures a rich, innovative output. His leadership not only defines Foodpanda's brand but positions him as a multi-faceted visionary, strategist, and executor. Beyond the realms of his role, Rousé's impact transcends into the broader creative sector. 

His commitment to DEI is evident in campaigns spotlighting transgender acceptance during his tenure at Wilhelmina Thailand. Rousé's research and development endeavors, including collaborations with Google, YouTube, TikTok, Meta, and Spotify push the boundaries of technology and creative expression. In essence, Rousé Rousé's journey exemplifies a convergence of creative strength, transformative leadership, and a steadfast commitment to inclusivity, setting new standards for the dynamic and forward-looking creative industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

Proven leaders with path-breaking expertise


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