Matthew Miller
May 27, 2015

Vitasoy aims for Hong Kong youth with odd duck of a drink

HONG KONG - A new Vitasoy TV spot introduces a ready-to-drink coffee/tea beverage to Hong Kong by celebrating other odd pairings.

Client: Vitasoy International 

Agency: DDB Group Hong Kong

Market: Hong Kong

Campaign scope: TVC, social media, moving trucks and POSM

Details: The campaign introduces the company's new 'YuanYang' product: A ready-to-drink version of a locally popular beverage that's 70 per cent milk tea and 30 per cent coffee.  

Press release quote:

Benny Ko, director of client services, DDB Group Hong Kong:

We developed a TVC that amplifies 'YuanYang' in an engaging and interesting way to connect with the younger generation and bring the brand to life. This encouraged Vita YuanYang to become a movement among young people in Hong Kong.

Campaign Asia Pacific's comments: The name of the drink in Chinese refers to Mandarin ducks—a species in which the male and female look different. This helps to explain the various vignettes in the ad, such as the hairstyles, makeup jobs and items of cuisine that are dramatically different on one side versus the other. This correspondent's Cantonese is inexcusably shaky at best, so there are probably 17 or 18 rich puns that are going completely over my head. Regardless, the ad seems likely to at least grab attention and create awareness. Whether the boxed drink can compare to the awesome real thing, which is readily available across the city, is another question.  


Client: Vitasoy International Holding Ltd.
General Manager: Irene Tsui
Executive Creative Director: Clifford Ng
Director of Client Services: Benny Ko
Group Creative Director: Frankie Fung
Associate Creative Director: Roy Ha, Anderson Wan
Art Director: Jeffery Foo
Associate Account Director: Cafy Choi
Account Executive: Ducky Wong
Head of TV Production: Annie Tong
TV Producer: Wong Wai Hung

Update, 28 May: For the record, DDB has provided the following translation of the voiceover.

The brand new Vita HK style YuanYang, rich & aromatic Coffee mixed with smooth Milk Tea. What's the hippest way to enjoy it?

YuanYang-style haircut; YuanYang-style makeup; YuanYang-style socks; Mm…(Enjoying the taste of Vita YuanYang)

Have a YuanYang-style rice and hotpot; look at a pair of YuanYang (Mandarin ducks) swimming in the bathtub.

Oops, being slapped in a YuanYang-style.

Sing a song about YuanYang-style butterfly and play a YuanYang-style (Western + Chinese style) drum!

Drinking Vita HK style YuanYang alone is already hip enough. Tastes so good that you have to try it!


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