Adrian Peter Tse
Jul 2, 2015

Meet Thailand’s eccentric video creators (part 2)

THAILAND - Thai creators in the online space don’t just break the rules; they know how to become a part of the social fabric and how to commercialise their content. Meet some of the big-name creators that are shaping the country's media landscape, in this exclusive Campaign Asia-Pacific video.

This video and the associated image gallery make up the second in a two-part series that began with Thailand star power: Local creators rule online video (Part 1).

In the above Campaign Asia-Pacific video, John Winyu, Rosie Wonsurawa, and Nattapong Tiendee, the creators of ‘Shallow News in Depth’ and SpokeDark TV, a political satire YouTube channel with over 150 million views, discuss how they manoeuvre around the dangerous topic of Thai politics using comedy and entertainment.

While SpokeDark TV also has a channel covering female cosmetics, Winyu has recently launched a dedicated male cosmetics show based on the emerging trend of male beauty in Thailand and insights from his wife’s ecommerce cosmetics business, where up to 20 per cent of online shoppers are male. In addition, the savvy creators discuss the Thai media landscape, digital marketing and how they handle advertisers and brands in the region.

Winyu (Shallow News in Depth) doing a parody of the 'martial law' declaration by the Thai government


You'll also meet Lung Pee, a guy who started a YouTube channel by screen-capturing his game play on Minecraft and then narrating stories and anecdotes as voiceovers, turning the game into a narrative creation tool. With over 600,000 subscribers, Pee has discovered a mass audience of Thai kids who use his channel for English education and entertainment.

Known as 'Uncle Pee', Lung Pee has turned Mine Craft into a storytelling tool that has attracted over 600,000 subscribers, many of which are Thai kids

Finally, meet Peary Pie, one of Thailand’s most prominent and rising beauty influencers, who uses strong visuals and music as a “universal language” to engage audiences not just in Thailand but all over the world. Beyond YouTube, she also has over 1 million followers on Instagram. Her extensive work with brands and advertisers has helped her launch her own production company among other things.

Peary Pie, a leading beauty influencer and creator with fans that span the globe


The video also features Gautam Anand, director of YouTube content and operations, Google Asia-Pacific and Ariya Banomyong, head of Google Thailand. Both share their insights on online video, marketing and the drivers behind the growth of the YouTube platform in Thailand. 

Don't miss the image gallery that accompanies this article, with details on 35 online creators. 

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