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Oct 8, 2021

Greenpeace shows the downsides of a carbon-free future

A pan-Asia campaign by UltraSuperNew Tokyo introduces us to the few people whose lives would be worse in a world that moves beyond fossil fuels.

Ahead of the UN's COP26 Summit, Greenpeace and UltraSuperNew Tokyo have launched a campaign that envisions a zero-carbon society.

While showing us the invitingly green and clean urban environment we can expect once that happens, the NGO's four-minute film mainly focuses on a series of people who will not be happy about the change.

We meet a chronically tardy woman who can no longer use traffic jams as an excuse, a gent who just loves the smell of gasoline, a clean-freak dad who hates that his daughter now gets dirty playing outside in the fresh air (rather than staying in playing video games all the time), a former auto-company exec, and even a bored Greenpeace activist who has nothing to protest.

It's a solid idea—better than focusing entirely on the benefits of the green future or entirely on the existential threats of inaction. It should be amusing and fun.

However, the execution didn't thrill Ad Nut, who found the pace incredibly glacial and felt the script not only explained the gags a bit too much but also got a bit preachy at times. Ad Nut would love to see a snappier edit, perhaps one without the voiceover. More people would make it through a 30- or 60-second version, which means more people would reach the call-to-action at the end: a petition asking car companies to phase out gasoline cars more quickly.

'Haters Gon’ Hate' is running on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Ad Nut favours phasing out all cars, because no matter how they're powered, they're a menace to squirrelkind.


Client - Greenpeace
Daniel Read - Climate & Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace Japan
Agency - UltraSuperNew
Tomo Murakami - Representative Director
François Claverie - Creative Director
Cesar Augusto - Creative Director
Itomi Jinshi - Creative Director
Yousuke Ozawa - Creative Director
Andrés Aguilar - Associate Creative Director, Copywriter
Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu - Associate Creative Director
Kelly Nguyen - Art Director, Styling
Nobuaki Nogamoto - Copywriter
Haruna Akashi - Junior Art Director, Music
Belle Sim - Content Producer
Production Company - Boomachine Inc.
Director: Marc-Antoine Astier
Cinematographer: Christoph Gelep
Gaffer: Kengo Takahashi
Producer: Arnaud Sarniguet
3D Motion Designer: Guillaume Pinto

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