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Jun 14, 2024

2024 Cannes Contenders: UltraSuperNew's promising picks

As the race for Cannes heats up, UltraSuperNew's group creative director predicts which campaigns will come out on top.

Francois Claverie
Francois Claverie

As the Cannes Festival of Creativity 2024 approaches, the global advertising and creative industry is abuzz with anticipation. The annual extravaganza in the picturesque French riviera of Cannes brings together the brightest minds, visionary creators, and innovative brands from around the world. 

For the past few weeks, agencies have been placing their bets on the campaigns they believe will roar to victory. These predictions are more than mere speculation; they reflect the industry's collective pulse, highlighting ground-breaking work that pushes boundaries, evokes emotions, and leaves a lasting impact.

Today, we turn our attention to Francois Claverie, group creative director at UltraSuperNew in Tokyo. With his finger on the pulse of creativity across Asia-Pacific, Claverie shares his insights on campaigns that deserve the coveted Lions. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the vibrant cities of Mumbai and Sydney, his picks showcase the region’s diverse talent and ingenuity.

Campaign: ‘Not Very Sweet' 
Brand: Delight
Cannes Lions category: Film  

Ogilvy Thailand masterfully introduced Delight Drinking Yogurt’s less-sweet option to a bustling market. How? Through a series of humorous films that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear. We won't give away the spoilers but one of the reasons why it's a favourite for the coveted Lionwell, the campaign soared over 200% above its set KPI. 

And as Francois Claverie quips, “What’s the secret cafeteria menu for Bangkok’s creative agencies? Here’s another Thai gem that keeps you glued to your screen, desperate to unravel its magic…"

Campaign: ‘The Sweet Truth’ 
Brand: Colgate 
Cannes Lions category: Film

Colgate-Palmolive’s campaign in India targeted a critical issue: the widespread neglect of bedtime teeth brushing. Surprisingly, a staggering 80% of Indians still haven’t adopted this essential habit. The “Sweet Truth” is here to change that.

Claverie says: “The campaign has kept things real simple, bringing their insight to life in the purest of ways. The execution is as masterful as it is disturbing... I grew a few cavities just from watching this film.” 

Campaign: ‘NewsJacker’ 
Brand: Australian Youth Climate Coalition 
Cannes Lions category: Social / Digital

In a world where media misinformation and algorithmic echo-chambers thrive, climate change skeptics remain steadfast—even among the older generation. NewsJacker is a tool weilded by the Australians Gen Z. It infiltrates Z newsfeeds, bypassing the algorithmic fog. The mission here is to awaken the sceptics and reveal the truth about our planet’s plight. No more denial, just data-driven impact.

It’s the David against the Goliath of misinformation. And as Claverie marvels, “Just when I thought that all hope was lost regarding the nefarious influence of social-media algorithms, the team over at Clemenger Melbourne released this unbelievably clever and simple hack, with a few cheeky lines of code.” 

UltraSuperNew's own pick:

Campaign: ‘Make it unbelievable - Takeshi's Presentation’ 
Brand: Canva 
Cannes Lions category: Film / Film Craft

Make It Unbelievable' is a multi-channel campaign that showcases Canva’s promise that anyone can use the platform to create impressive visual materials without requiring extensive design education, making creativity accessible to all. It features iconic Japanese celebrities Takeshi Kitano, the world-known auteur who is celebrated for his comedy and action films, and Gekidan Hitori, a Japanese filmmaker and actor who recently made a biopic based on Takeshi’s life. 

Claverie says: “What starts like an innocent product demonstration takes a turn for the worse in this homage to Kitano's yakuza flicks.” 

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